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CBSE 10th Result 2017 at a glance; pass percentage.

In the past year, the percent of students who passed the examination was 96.21 year whereas the percentage of students passed was 90.95 in the past year. Thus, there was a dip in the overall percentage of passed students by 5 percent. The percentage of students who passed in Delhi region dipped to 78.09%. According to officials, there was a sharp drown of more than 13 percent as in the previous year, the number of students who passed was 91.06%.

The results of CBSE class 10 came up with another unexpected turn of events where the percentage of students who passed was dropped down by more than 5 percent from last year. Also, boys gave a better performance than girls, which was a marked shift from the past batches. According to officials, the number of boys that score the perfect 10 CGPA or Cumulative Grade Point Average was higher than the number of girls in this year.

In CBSE class results, the percentage of students who passed drop down to 90.95% from 96.21% in the previous year, registering a drop down of 5.26%. There was a significant improvement in the percentage of boys who passed, increasing from 78.9% last year to 93.4% this year whereas in the girls, the percentage of girls who passed improved to 92.5% from 88.6%. 10, 1,00,950 girls were successful in scoring 10 CGPA whereas the number of boys who scored the same was 1,05,188.

In Trivandrum region, the highest percentage of students who passed were 99.85% whereas, in Madras and Allahabad, the percentage were 99.62 and 91.06 respectively. Almost 16,67,573 students from above 16,000 schools, affiliated to CBSE board appeared for 10th board examinations in 2017.

School-wise results can be checked here.

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