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CBSE Class 8 Biology Syllabus

CBSE class 8 is the crucial stage for every student for building a strong foundation. For this purpose, CBSE has organized the syllabus for students subject wise to clarify their concepts on many topics. The 8th class syllabus covers the following subjects Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology etc.Some of the topics covered under Biology  are:


Crop Production and Management

Conservation of Plants and Animals

Reproduction in Animals

Microorganisms: Friend and Foe

Cell – Structure and Function

Reaching the Age of Adolescence


Crop Production and Management

A.1      Agricultural practices

A.2      Preparation of soil

A.3      Sowing

A.4      Adding manures and fertilizers

A.5      Irrigation

A.6      Protection form weed

A.7      Harvesting and shortage

A.8      Food from animals


Microorganisms: Friend and Foe

B.1      Microorganisms

B.2      Microorganism and us: Friendly microorganisms

B.3      Disease causing microorganisms

B.4      Food preservation

B.5      Nitrogen fixation

B.6      Nitrogen Cycle


Conservation of Plants and Animals

C.1      Deforestation and its causes and consequences

C.2      Conservation of wildlife, sanctuary, national park, zoo, forest reserves

C.3      Flora and Fauna

C.4      Endemic species

C.5      Endangered species and red data book

C.6      Migration

C.7      Reforestation


Cell – Structure and Function

D.1      Discovery of cell

D.2      Organism show variety in cell number, shape and size

D.3      Cell structure and function, Parts of cell: cell membrane, cytoplasm

D.4      Nucleus, vacuole and chloroplast

D.5      Comparison of plant and animal cell


Reproduction in Animals

E.1       Modes of reproduction

E.2       Sexual reproduction: male and female reproductive organs

E.3       Internal and external fertilization, development of embryo

E.4       Viviparous and oviparous organisms, young ones to adults

E.5       Asexual reproduction

Reaching the Age of Adolescence

F.1       Adolescence and puberty: Secondary sexual characteristics

F.2       Role of hormones in initializing reproductive functions

F.3       Reproductive phase in humans

F.4       How is the sex of baby determined

F.5       Hormones other than sex hormones

F.6       Role of hormones in completing the life history of insects and frogs

F.7       Reproductive Health

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