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CBSE Class 8 Maths Syllabus

CBSE class 8 is the crucial stage for every student for building a strong foundation. For this purpose, CBSE has organized the syllabus for students subject wise to clarify their concepts on many topics. The 8th class syllabus covers the following subjects Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology etc.

Some of the topics covered under Maths  are:


Rational Numbers

Cubes and Cube Roots

Exponents and Powers

Linear Equation in One Variable

Comparing Quantities

Direct and Inverse Proportions

Understanding Quadrilaterals

Algebraic Expressions and Identities

Introduction to Graphs



Rational Numbers

A.1         Properties of rational numbers

A.2         Representation of rational numbers on line number

A.3         Rational number between two rational numbers


Linear Equation in One Variable

B.1          Solving linear equations having variable on one side

B.2          Application of linear equations

B.3          Solving linear equations having variable on both sides

B.4          Some more application of linear equations

B.5          Reducing equations to simpler form


Understanding Quadrilaterals

C.1          Polygons

C.2          Sum of the measures of exterior angles of polygons

C.3          Kinds of quadrilaterals

C.4          Properties of parallelogram

C.5          Some special parallelograms


Practical Geometry


D.1         Constructing a quadrilateral: when the length of four side and diagonal are given

  1. 2 When two diagonals and three sides are given

D.2         When two adjacent sides and three angles are known

  1. 3 When three side and two included angles are given

D.3         Some special cases  : Square

  1. 4 Some special cases : Rhombus

Data Handling

E.1          Looking for information

E.2          Organizing data, Grouping data

E.3          Circle graph or pie charts

E.4          Chance and probability


Squares and Square Roots

F.1          Square of a number

F.2          Finding Square root of a number by repeated subtraction

F.3          Finding Square root of a number by prime factorization method

F.4          Finding Square root of a number by long division method

F.5          Square root of decimals

F.6          Estimation of square root

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