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5 Best Parenting Books For Parents of Teenagers

Parenting is no easy job, especially when your little kids turn into teenagers. The teen age can be a rough period for both the kids as well as parents since both the parties have a tough time stepping into each other`s shoes. Even though their behavioral change is totally hormonal in that age, parental guidance (but not overdose) is especially essential in that time. A little reading and learning is involved, but it is totally worth reading the given Best Parenting books

No one is born with in-built parenting skills and there is no harm in acquiring some of it by reading books when you need to. After all, the experts know the best in every matter and hence certain parenting books will surely help you raise your kids better. Here are some books to guide you in this exciting yet difficult journey called parenting. .

Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

Reading this book will serve like a homework to tackle your adolescent kids. This is a bestseller book written by neuropsychiatrist Daniel Siegel. The author guides parents as to how to understand and shape the lives of their teenage kids in the most simple ways. The advices given are in a way that both the kids and the parents are to benefit out of them.

How to Talk so Teens Will Listen and Listen so Teens Will Talk:

The name of this book speaks volumes about its content. Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish have together authored this bestselling parenting book. The book is written in a simple and straight forward way to help parents deal with their teenage kids` tantrums. The suggestions that are put forward in this book can be easily implemented in daily parenting techniques.

Positive Discipline for Teenagers

This is written by Jane Nelson and its latest edition throws light in bridging the gaps between teenage kids and their anxious parents. It strongly advocates in generating a strong connection between kids and parents so that they understand each other better. Punishment is not the solution to discipline your teenage kids, unlike popular belief.

Are you ruining your child’s career and life?

The Available Parent: Radical Optimism for Raising Teens and Tweens

Dr. John Duffy, the author reminds parents to be present for their children not only physically but also mentally. It stresses on the importance of listening to your kids` problems and providing them with effective solutions post a healthy discussion. A lecturing and dismissive approach of parenting is discouraged and parents are encouraged to control their emotions since they are dealing with teenagers.

Awareness Is the Key: Bettering Relationships Between Parents and Teens

In this book the author, Mary Kerbacher shares her real-life experiences and learnings when dealing with teens to enlighten every parent reading this book. The importance of communicating with your kid is stressed in this book. Parents of teens are advised to stay alert and always open to communication to keep their kids away from negative influences.

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