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AIIMS: Last Minute Preparation Tips

Important Topics for AIIMS 2017:

Important Topics for AIIMS 2017:

The nationally acclaimed AIIMS entrance exam is conducted annually and is a computer-based exam. Every aspiring medical student appears for this exam in the hope of securing a medical seat in this top institute of India. The exam pattern consists of 200 multiple-choice objective type questions covering the following subjects:

• Physics (60 questions),
• Chemistry (60 questions),
• Biology (60 questions)
• General Knowledge (20 questions).

Every correct answer will bring you one mark and every time your answer is wrong, 1/3 mark will be deducted. The complete duration of the AIIMS exam is 3 hours and 30 minutes. AIIMS 2017 is soon approaching and it is time to concentrate on the important topics that are likely to carry more weightage in the exam paper. Given below is a list of some of the important topics that will guide you as to how to crack AIIMS in 10 days:

Biology: Topics like Cells, Genetics, Ecology, Systematics and Human Health & Diseases, transport in plants, photosynthesis are especially important.

Chemistry: General Organic Chemistry (give maximum importance to this subject), equilibria, bonding, Hydrocarbons, co-ordination compounds, alcohol phenol ether, etc. Reactions of p-block elements are to be given special importance as well.

Physics: Modern Physics, Ray Optics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Waves, Laws of motion, current electricity, etc.

General knowledge: Coming to the General knowledge section, 20 questions will appear from in this part of the AIIMS exam. Be sure to update your current affairs by reading newspapers and watching news on a daily basis. Every day, if you dedicate an hour of your time towards this, it will prepare you enough to face the general knowledge questions in the exam.

  • Some valuable AIIMS preparation tips:

    To keep revising the formulae and equations of Physics and Chemistry, you can make flashcards that will make your life easier.

Making flowcharts and diagrammatic representations is the best way out to keep pace with the concepts of Biology. This way, lengthy concepts can be effortlessly memorized and revised upon from time to time, without you having to read paragraphs of texts.

Religiously follow a time table to devote enough time for practicing and solving numericals.

Practicing mock tests and question papers from previous years are a must. Practicing sample papers will help you know where you stand in terms of your knowledge and speed.

Any doubt that crop up in your mind should be cleared before the exam by taking help from teachers, mentors or fellow students. Form a group with your peers and seniors to constructively discuss your doubts and concepts.

Last but not the least, stay healthy, stay positive and keep anxiety and stress at bay while preparing for AIIMS 2017!

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