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Blind from birth but that didn’t stop him

We all have limitations and are always trying to overcome them in our own ways. Then, there are others who have bigger challenges than we ever can imagine, and yet through sheer grit and determination they are able to not only overcome their limitations but also shine brightly. Do we ever pause to think how the someone with such inabilities manages to fend for themselves?

Here is the awe-inspiring story of Yagnit Vadhel, a young boy from Malad, studying at Yashodham High School & Jr. College, Goregaon. He has scored 93.8% in his SSC exams. What is extraordinary is that Yagnit is visually impaired, his eyes being sensitive to only light and colours.

The yearning for learning cuts across all barriers

Humans absorb learning from all quarters, don’t they? Everyone wants to keep their learning curve rising, and like to have new experiences to enhance their knowledge and skills. They say when God takes away one sense, He blesses with alternatives. A sharp and multi-talented boy, Yagnit also holds a degree in music from Allahabad University.  He has a way with sounds and loves to dabble in singing. In fact, he has sung many Bollywood songs on stage, enrapturing audiences with his melodious voice.

Impairment no hurdle
 Yagnit always wanted to study well. It was this relentless determination and hard work that made him learn Braille to be able to read his text. He has always been a high scorer and grade X should have been no different. But board exams were playing hard on his mind. He had always assumed that the SSC exams would be much tougher than the school examinations. And he was quite worried how he would be able to prepare for them with confidence.

Not satisfied with only school’s sessions, Yagnit and his parents tried to find out about extra tuitions. He clearly needed personal coaching as group classes would be of little use to him.

Technology can surely be one’s best friend

It was at this time that his aunt introduced him to Robomate+, a revolutionary technology based study app that helped him tremendously in his preparation for the intimidating SSC exams.

 Although he could not see the videos, Yagnit found listening to the instructors’ explanations very helpful. What drew Yagnit to Robomate+ was the great flexibility that he had to play out lectures to clarify his doubts whenever he wanted. This was far better than a tutor, who would come in and leave at a designated time. Robomate+ was his anytime study companion and personal tutor! In his own words, Robomate lectures are very well explained and they really helped him understand the difficult concepts across many subjects.

The Science Behind the Making of Robomate+

The finale

Yagnit wrote the SSC exam successfully with the help of an appointed reader and writer. “The National Association of the Blind sent special teachers for him,” his father said.

This is just the beginning

A focused lad, Yagnit wants to study science further and is particularly interested in chemistry.  He aims to become a scientist.

He is a source of inspiration for young and old alike, for exemplifying how one can achieve one’s dreams no matter what!

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