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How to Crack JEE Main in 30 days

It is undeniable that time is running out as far as the JEE Main Exam 2018 is concerned. This means that there is little or no time to waste. Everybody is struggling to utilize even the shortest time possible with the aim of ensuring success over the cut-off point. JEE is the basis of success for the future engineers in this country. Failure to pass the JEE Main Exam does not mean the end of your engineering journey, but it can be perceived as one did not prepare as expected. It might surprise you when someone says that it is possible to nail the JEE Main Exam just by preparing thoroughly within 30 days of sleepless nights. Considering that this is the first hurdle, you have to prepare well for JEE Exam.

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 Set up an attainable and a Manageable revision/Preparation Plan

Do you have a plan on how to go about preparing for JEE? If not, here is a little guidance for you.

First, one must understand that time is the most valuable resource that you have. Planning your time well is the first thing to do during preparation for JEE. You have to consider the whole JEE Main Syllabus before you can partition your time according to the extent of the Syllabus. You must, therefore, divide your time according to the JEE Main Syllabus Requirements.

What to do within the 30 day Period before JEE Main

You must consider the fact that you have to score high in every subject of JEE Main. Physics is one of the subjects that requires comprehensive revision. Grasping the concepts is key, and although you don’t need to bury your head in those hard questions before you sit for the JEE Main exam you should note down the formulae and practice enough questions of Physics before the JEE Main Examination.

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Chemistry is also one of the crucial subjects for JEE Main Examination, to ensure that you get good marks in JEE Main, you need to master most of the concepts and the entire syllabus set. The best thing about JEE Main is that textbooks like NCERT are readily available and will help you score a lot of marks. This textbook will help you revisit all the JEE Main Syllabus within a very short span of time.

Use the same strategy for Mathematics as well.

 Tap into the Insights of your Peer Group.

Tapping into a peer group can help you get various important points and tips of the JEE main syllabus within a short period of time. This is another factor crucial as far as passing JEE Main Exam is concerned.

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