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Defining Your Fears instead of Your Goals

Face your Fears

To overcome your fear, you must know of them first. Defining your fears is very important before you plan to get rid of them. Remember, your fears will always get in your way, if you do not even try to overcome them. The very next step would be to attempt to face your fears over and over again. This is one way how people have actually taken-over charge of their fears. Repetitive attempts always have more probability of achieving success than single attempts. Your fears can only be handled by you alone, no matter how much counseling you seek outside.

Fear Setting

Most times, we just imagine the worst case scenario in any situation due to our fears and this stops us from taking the necessary action. However, imagination is not reality and reality might just turn out quite pleasantly different. Thus comes the need of “Fear setting”, which is just like “Goal Setting”. Fear setting is an exercise that one must undertake to give oneself a reality check. For example: If you are avoiding the engineering stream because of your fear of Mathematics, then your goals in life might get upset. Also, you might curse yourself in the future for taking this wrong decision instead of nipping your fears in the bud.

What if you Fail?

When you define your fears you must also chalk out a remedy for them. You should never get discouraged in taking any sensible decision because of your fears. If you never attempt to overcome your fears, you are giving-in to your weaknesses. To come out stronger in life, you need to turn your fears into your strengths. Even if you get a partial successful result because of your attempt, it would be worth a try. For defining your fears, you must list down your fears in one column. The other two columns would be for “what if you fail” and “what if you pass”. This way you can weigh the pros and cons of both imaginary success and failure and make a conscious decision. This exercise will also help clear your mind and help you control your fears if not overcoming them at once.

Making the Hard Choice

Everyone tends to go for easy choices in life, but it`s the hard ones that prove better in future. Easy choices, the ones without facing your fears might give you short-term satisfaction. In the long term rewards come only from the hard choices in life. Successful people always preach this since they have learned this in their own journey towards success.

Remember, that your goals must not take a back seat because of your fears or hardships. Be a warrior and knock out your fears in the arena of life and you will definitely come out as a winner. People who are scared and refuse to define their fears will never know if their lives would have taken a different turn altogether, had they faced their fears.
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