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ICSE 9 and 10th video lectures

About the examination: The Indian School Certificate Examination is one of the most proclaimed board examinations. What is essential to note is its primary importance to English as the foremost subject. This examination is usually conducted in March-April and the paper is of subjective type. This is mainly divided into practical and written exams, both of which contribute to cent percent completion of the high school degree.


Eligibility: All the candidates who have successfully been promoted to Class 10 and have cleared all the necessary examinations as deemed fit by the corresponding school affiliated to the board are eligible to appear for the same. There are no reservation based assessments in this exam.


Features of the video lectures

  • Subjects covered: All
  • Genre: Basic school examination
  • Relevant video lectures with basic school level compatibility
  • Better problem solving strategies delivered efficiently by expert specialists
  • Creative teaching and lecture delivery
  • Rigorous concept development techniques
  • Explicitly user friendly approach.
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