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International Day of Light

International Day of Light will be commemorated on every 16th May from this year. Its first inaugural ceremony will take place in Paris, France on Wednesday. International Day of Light has been recognized by UNESCO, a significant organizational body of UN.

International Day of Light marks the first laser light which was obtained by Theodore H Maiman on 16th May in the year 1960. This day will be celebrated to appreciate the vital role of light in diverse fields like sustainable development, science, culture, art, medicine.

International Day of Light will memorialize how light can play an important role in helping us achieve success in various fields of science. UNESCO focuses majorly on three prime areas; education, equality and peace.

Light was undoubtedly one of the main factors in the development of human civilization. It revolutionized society and played a key role in enabling the working of the technology. It has also transformed everyday lives of people by simplifying the use of technology. It won’t be wrong to say that light gave birth to the technology we use today.

International Day of Light emphasizes on how light will contribute to improving people’s standard of living and will be a step towards reaping the benefits of sustainable development.

Why is there a need to celebrate International Day of Light?

Several optical society members reflect on why is light an indispensable part of our everyday lives and why there is a need to celebrate International Day of Light. It is the responsibility of the society to create outreach and educate children about science in general.

Everything you need to know about International Day of Light

The main highlights of this event program would involve a range of co-curricular activities on regional, national and international levels. The International Day of Light will be organized for people of all ages across different backgrounds. Enthusiastic participation from all over the world will set to embark the dire need to save energy and utilize it judiciously. Its ultimate aim will be to emphasize on how light and its applications can play an integral role in our everyday lives. Apart from this, various renowned Noble laureates will give brief presentations on various topics on light based technologies.

In a nutshell, International Day of Light will be dedicated not only to scientific issues but also the impact of light on the society.

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