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“International Pi Day” – Why and How is it Celebrated ?

March 14th is one of the days where people enjoy desserts to celebrate Math in the name of “Pi Day”. You don’t need to be typical math savvy to remember one of the popular mathematical expression- Pi () or 3.14. To refresh your memory about pi, let us tell you that, it’s nothing but the ratio of a circle’s circumference, to its diameter, and it is also represented 3.14. So it is basically applied to figure out the circumference, area of circle or diameter in a mathematical problem. The ratio is actually more than 22 trillion digits, but it is simplified to 3.14.

For many of us who wish to celebrate Pi Day from today should definitely know that we honor a great personality on this day. The one who introduced space theories, time, and also the GPS technology that we leverage in today’s world. Yes, you guessed right; it is Albert Einstein and Pi Day is his birthday!

One of the well-known facts about Einstein is that he was born in Germany on March 14 in the year 1879. His theories are the pillars of our knowledge and understanding of the universe and gravitational waves.

How do people choose to celebrate “International Pi Day”?

There are many different ways to celebrate this day as Pi is undoubtedly a homophone of the word pie, and hence both words spelled differently but pronounced in a similar manner. The meaning of both words is really different from each other. Hence, people usually tend to celebrate Pi Day with lots of different pie and pie recipes. For instance, when a pie baking contest is arranged, people who participate bake different varieties of pies with interesting and delicious recipes. Or sometimes they even arrange a pie eating competition instead of baking a pie.

To look geeky on this day you can definitely put on a T-shirt with the number Pi and incorporate it into some Pi shaped accessories like earrings or bracelets.

These days foodies post pictures of different foods. You can click pictures eating food which starts with Pi, like pineapples or pizzas and post them on your social accounts to wish your followers. You can do same with food items that are circular in shape, for instance, pancakes or cookies for breakfast.

Don’t forget to watch the movie ‘Pi’ by Darren Afrono (1998), while you plan your day. In Greek, Pi is written in lower case as it is the first alphabet in a Greek word which means perimeter.

On this day debates related to the traits of Dutch apple vs. lemon meringue pie is conducted in some places.

Interesting Fact:-

Let us wrap it up with a fascinating fact which is related to this special day. Archimedes of Syracuse (287-212 B.C.) Ancient Greek mathematician was one of the first and few scholars to calculate Pi. When Roman soldiers attacked Syracuse, being a passionate mathematician he didn’t stop his calculations and said, “Do not touch my circles!” and unfortunately this statement resulted in his beheading.

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