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JEE Advanced 2018 Exams to go online – Advantages & Disadvantages

According to the Joint Admission Board, the JEE Advanced 2018 Exams will be carried out online. The Board believes that conducting the exam online will decrease the management efforts of carrying out national level examination. Thereby making the process of evaluation easier and would prevent the errors to happen that occurred in JEE Advanced 2017. The errors seen in JEE Advanced gradually turned into an intense controversy that was later taken to the Supreme Court and thus the board were forced to correct things.

As the JEE Advanced 2018 will be conducted online, there are more chances of the results to be declared early. The main challenge for the body till now was to provide a proper infrastructure that was well managed. Talking about the JEE Main, which is an examination carried out to appear for JEE Advanced, it  is already carried out online as well in offline mode.

JAB authorities have still not revealed the complete details on how they are going to progress with the plan; the decision has brought in some restlessness among students, especially those who are not very keen on giving online exam. We will help you track the news if things will or will not change when JEE Advance 2018 exams shifts to online mode.

Online JEE Advanced 2018 to include concept oriented questions that needs short answers.

Apart from the changes that will take place in JEE Advanced 2018 exam mode, JAB authorities are also planning to incorporate some changes in the exam pattern of JEE Advanced 2018 exam with format that includes short answers type questions along with MCQs that are presently asked. In order to attempt the questions, the candidates will have feed in the answers using keywords.

Earlier, when the exams were carried out in paper mode, the students were supposed to shade the bubble against right answer on an OMR sheet. The online test will allow the candidates to use keyboard to key in the correct answers as well as elaborate the answers by performing required calculations.

The introduction of short answer type questions will help the JAB body to create concept based questions that requires candidates to put their thinking pad and analytical skills to use instead focus on a fixed pattern and the memory to attempt questions. One of the drawbacks that were associated with MCQs was that many times the candidates could reach the correct answer only through the technique of elimination, which according to JAB body doesn’t solve the purpose of examination.

Now, the question setters for online exams will get ample of room to list out different types of questions to better test the skills of the candidates.

In order to prepare for JEE Advanced 2018 online exam, the candidates can prepare by following the same JEE Advanced syllabus.

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Advantages of JEE Advanced Online Exam

The results will be declared early: One of the prime advantages of JEE Advanced 2018 online exam would be that the results will be declared sooner than the offline mode. This will prevent candidates from panicking for a long periods before they could check their score.

Less room for printing mistakes: There will be no room for printing or translation errors in question papers as it happened in JEE Advanced 2017. Similarly, with the online mode of exams there will be no transportation hassles for the question papers.

Saves time: Online tests will make it easy and much faster for the candidates to answer the questions just at a mouse click and using keyboard rather than attempting questions paper via an OMR sheet, where the candidates were asked to shade the bubbles with pen/pencil. In order to make all this happen, firstly the candidates should get over the fear of online exams. During the online exams, every student will be allowed to access a computer system

Evaluation process will be transparent and accurate: In case of offline mode, candidates used to enter the answers on OMR sheets which were later examined by machines. So, any answers that were not marked on their OMR sheets were counted as no attempt/incorrect attempt made, wherein the candidate was not assigned a mark or penalized for no reason. The online exam is the best option to get over such errors as candidate will need to click the mouse in order to attempt the question.

Candidates can edit/re-edit their answers as many times as they want: The candidates who use pen in paper mode, find it difficult to edit or re-edit their answers, which is not in the case of online mode as candidates can edit/reedit their answers multiple times within a given time-frame.

Colour panel for better time management: A colour panel provided in JEE advanced online question paper will help the candidates view the questions answered/questions attempted etc through different colour schemes.

Disadvantages of JEE Advanced Online Exam

No system is 100% perfect and same is applicable for JEE Advanced 2018 online exam too. As this will be the first year the online exams will be launched, there may occur a few operational problems.

Technical issues: Computers like other machines can face problems like power failure or breakdown. The candidate may lose the valuable time and this will affect the results as well. The JAB authority has to still think about these possibilities.

Transformation can be tricky: The students might have the fear for online exams.

Printed copies JEE advanced question paper cannot be accessed: As offline mode help candidates to keep the hard copy of the question paper with them, online mode will not facilitate it.

Students from rural areas are not tech-savvy and may find online exams difficult: The students from rural areas may not be tech savvy like the urban candidates and they may face issues attempting the online exams.

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