How to Prepare for NEET 2017

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It is very important to thoroughly understand each and every concept in each subject that is covered under the NEET syllabus, to learn how to crack the NEET 2017 exam. Thorough subject knowledge, time management [...]

ICSE Exam tips videos now available on Robomate+

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ICSE as a board examination has a high standard. It has a vast syllabus and so time is very crucial during this time when only about a month is left for the board exams to [...]

How to prepare for 12th board exams Science

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Science is considered to be a tough stream for grade XI and XII. The pressure of boards, the career choice options, even preparing for competitive exams take their toll on the students. For those preparing [...]

How to prepare for 12th board exams commerce

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This is the last leg up to the board exams. This is the time when the most of the concepts should be crystal clear by the grade 12th students. Clarifying doubts from school or college [...]

Robomate+ Studying Without Boredom Revising with Ease

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Robomate+ a Must Have for Students At some point in time, we all have dreaded the exams and found the names, facts and confusing dates very mind-boggling. Long syllabi used to cause tensions that seemed [...]

How to Use Study Apps as Revision Tool

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At this time of the year, when the students are about to appear for their boards in less than 2 months, most of the self-preparation would have been done. With most of the schools and [...]

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