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How to raise a prodigy and the Importance of Extra curricular activities for a child

Let us start by finding out the actual meaning of the word “Prodigy”. This English word is actually derived from the Latin word called “prodigium” that means a monster who violates natural order. Now, the English word does not quite literary mean “monster” but it describes anyone who possesses exceptional skills at a very young age.

Not every child decides to “fall in line” in their childhood, and that does not mean that they should be forced to do so. While some of them are just plain naughty, a few rare ones are potential prodigies. Now, the problem is how would parents and/or teachers tell them apart right? Here are a few ways you can tell if your child is a prodigy and how to raise them right, so that you do not suppress their innate talents.

Understand the Importance of sports in students’ development

Most times, prodigies start young. This means that your child`s passion comes out clear from a very early age itself. This does not mean that he/she will initiate that spark themselves. It might get kick-started by parents when they enroll them in school, hobby classes, school sports etc. For example, if you enroll your child in a music lesson and the kid picks it up from there and you get extra-ordinary feedback from his/her mentor that stands apart from the rest of the class, you as a parent must be intelligent enough to pick up this cue of his/her special skill.

This is why parents are always encouraged to enroll their kids in various extra-curricular lessons like school sports or music apart from their normal school tuitions. If you want to nurture the hidden talent of your child, you need to first understand the Importance of extra curricular activities and introduce your child to a platter of opportunities.

Support your child’s natural talent

As a parent, to support your child`s extra-curricular talent whole heartedly might pose as a challenge since you would always give first preference to their academic curriculum. However, not everyone is born to excel in academia, otherwise we wouldn`t be having the Sachin Tendulkars (a school drop-out) of the world. As a parent, you should be the pillar of strength for your child and do what you can do best to polish their natural talent. Parents should also realize the Importance of sports in students. You must plan how to balance study time and sports or music time for your child.

Make most out of digital learning

Gone are the days when only bookish knowledge and college degrees were the only source of education. In this age of digital learning, your child can be educated without borders and in a customized time-table that suit them. Thus, the fear that your child might stay behind in formal education is no longer justified now. You can make your child academically sound while realizing the   Importance of extra curricular activities in school.

Don`t be judgmental about failures too soon

Even if your child may not be good in sports you must understand the Importance of sports in students. At the same time Music Lessons too are important for a child’s overall development. While the path of academia is smooth and less competitive, other fields like sports, arts, etc. are lot more competitive. You will realize this in the annual school sports itself. Hence, be prepared for your child`s failures and learn to teach them how to deal with such failures. Even though a prodigy, your child might have to face a lot of hardships if he chooses to follow his passion in the real world. Here comes the importance of keeping a plan B as their career option. If you make sure that your child does not lag far behind in academic world with digital and distance learning, then they can always fall back upon their academic career if their passion refuses to germinate even after years of hardships.

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