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Using ADEPT for Understanding

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Learning is the most important aspect of education. Every student has his own caliber of reading and understanding. A number of techniques have been developed to help improve students’ learning experience. ADEPT is one such [...]

Montessori, Waldorf and the Reggio philosophies in teaching and learning

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A child’s brain is designed to learn and develop. Children should be given sufficient space to explore the space, environment, and opportunity. Early childhood education centers such as daycare, play school or preschool are aimed [...]

Video Games & TV Addiction – How to Break it?

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It is a common sight to see children playing with video game on gadgets such as mobile phone, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc. Parents initially feel excited to see their children handling gadgets with ease. Early [...]

Vikram Sarabhai and His Contributions to Science in India

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Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai is popularly known as Vikram Sarabhai. is a renowned Indian physicist and industrialist. Dr. Sarabhai’s contributions in space research gave him recognition as the Father of the Indian space program. He was [...]

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