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Robomate+ is India’s Largest Video Platform for Students helping them prepare better for exams such as JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, (MHT-CET, KCET), Board Exams such as CBSE & ICSE (Class 9 and Class 10), SSC , HSC Commerce(Class 11 and Class 12), HSC Science(Class 11 and Class 12) and MBA, CAT, CMAT, CET.

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Robomate+ is an online education portal that provides interactive study material for students. We endeavour to make school easy for students and help them score more. Our products are carefully designed to ensure maximum learning through proven techniques such as conceptual videos, adaptive learning and collaborative learning methods.

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Robomate+ is your 24/7 Study friend that promotes assessment. Robomate+ is used for proper planning and delivery of educational content to students.

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● Access Video Lectures of Expert Faculty with Detailed Content and Explanation
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Our user interface is both simple and intuitive. Our goal is always to create an experience that is engaging and easy to use.

Integrated Store

At our integrated app store, students can easily buy their study materials like eBooks and Offline Products.

360 Degree Learning

Through Robomate+, a student can access study material in the form of recorded lectures (Audio & Video) of expert faculty, notes and test series for learning and revision.

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