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CA Final Subjects

CA Final Subjects for May 2017 & Nov 2017 are the same. However, From May 2018, it is likely that this pattern will change and new subjects will be added. CA Final Syllabus has a total of 8 Subjects each carrying 100 Marks each. These Subjects are categorised into two group. In CA Final Group 1, there are Four Subjects. In CA Final Group 2, there are another Four Subjects. However, Paper 5 Advanced Management Accounting can be sub divided into 2 subjects, which was explained in the post below.

CA Final Subjects for May 2017 & Nov 2017

Subject Name  Marks
Financial Reporting 100 Marks
Strategic Financial Management 100 Marks
Auditing and Ethics 100 Marks
Corporate and Allied Laws 100 Marks
Advanced Management Accounting 100 Marks
Information Systems Control and Audit 100 Marks
Direct Tax 100 Marks
Indirect Tax 100 Marks

CA Final Subjects for May 2018 & Nov 2018

No Subject Name Marks
 Paper 1 Financial Reporting  100 Marks
 Paper 2 Strategic Financial Management  100 Marks
 Paper  3 Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics  100 Marks
 Paper 4A Corporate Laws  60 Marks
 Paper 4B Other Economic Laws  40 Marks
 Paper 5 Advanced Management Accounting  100 Marks
 Paper 6A Financial Services and Capital Markets  50 Marks
 Paper 6B Information Systems Control and Audit  50 Marks
 Paper 7A Advanced Direct Tax Laws  70 Marks
 Paper 7B International Taxation  30 Marks
 Paper 8B Advanced Indirect Laws  100 Marks

What are the new subjects from May 2018

There is one very important subject that is newly being introduced into the CA Final Syllabus. It is ‘Financial Services and Capital Markets‘. This subject is in Group 2, and will carry 50 Marks.

Capital Markets Syllabus will include topics such as:

  • Stock Markets
  • Futures & Options
  • Commodities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Derivatives
  • Debt Markets
  • Venture Capital

Another new additional subject to CA Final Syllabus is ‘International Taxation’, which will carry 30 Marks.

This Subject will include topics such as:

  • Expatriates Taxation
  • Taxation on Non-Residents
  • Section 92E


Apart from these, there will no change in applicable CA final Subjects in the next 4-5 years from ICAI.

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