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Why is Children’s Day celebrated on 14th November?

Children’s day is celebrated in India on 14th of November, the birth date of Indian First Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, every year. But have you ever imagined why we celebrate this day as Children’s Day? Well, apart from being a good statesman, he was immensely fond of children. He was popular among the children as Chacha Nehru (Uncle Nehru) or Chachaji. According to his thoughts, he considers children as the future of a nation.

He believes that children have innocent heart and they win the heart of everyone with their innocent smile and angelic smile. He wished that his birthday would be celebrated as the Children’s Day. Hence, after his death, we offer him tribute by celebrating 14th November as Children’s Day.

He emphasized the importance of giving affection and love to children and wanted to enhance the growth of Indian youth. Considering the same, he established premium education institutes such as AIIMS and Indian Institute of Technology. He also made a five-year plan that comprises free primary education, and free meals plus milk to the school children with the intention of preventing children from malnutrition in India. The fervour and deep love of Chacha Nehru towards the children is the only reason of celebrating the Children’s Day at his birthday anniversary.

Children’s Day Essay

It is a day when a great freedom fighter and a leader is remembered. He has laid the base to convert an emerging nation into a world power. On this occasion, several functions are prearranged in schools, institutes, and other educational organizations.

How to Celebrate Children’s Day?

On this day, every organisation and school celebrates the Children’s Day in its own way. There are lots of methods that can be employed to celebrate the Children’s day. Here, we have listed the different ways to celebrate the occasion.

  • Chocolates and Gifts are distributed among the children.
  • Organize competitions of different types such as debates, fancy dress, speech related to the freedom fighters, storytelling and quizzes.
  • Organize Social and Cultural programmes like dancing, singing, mimicry, playing musical instruments and much more.
  • Distribute clothes, musical instruments, toys, books, stationery, etc to orphan children
  • Organize programs dedicated to the freedom fighters.
  • Organize game activities including sweet and sugar treasure hunt, puzzle, and etc.
  • Organize musical programs, deliver speech on health, progress and care to entertain underprivileged children

Children’s day is just not a birth anniversary, it is celebrated to create a strong and energetic youth, which lead the future of India and take them to the new heights of success.

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