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Learning and Understanding Better with ADEPT

Learning is the most important aspect of education. Every student has his own caliber of reading and understanding. A number of techniques have been developed to help improve students’ learning experience. ADEPT is one such technique which is widely used by the students for a better understanding of difficult concepts. ADEPT is an acronym for Analogy, Diagram, Example, Plain English and finally Technical definition. By following simple A, D, E, P and T of ADEPT, even the most complex concepts can be understood within a short time.

A for Analogy – What is the topic like?

For every topic you study, there is a high chance that you have studied about something similar in the past. Analogy refers to that basic or small information which you already have. Try to compare the information you are learning at the moment to the information you understand thoroughly that you have learnt in the past.

D for Diagram – Visualization.

If you are unable to understand complex problems of Maths or processes in biology, then draw a diagram indicating the various steps as given in the text. You can also check Google images where you can find images for step-by-step procedures. Diagrams help in visualization and absorb the concepts. This will be a brainy job, as you need full concentration to understand the process.

E for Example – Experience the Concept.

Most of the chapters will come with the examples. Careful understanding of the example can help you understand the concept. In a few cases, group studies can also be helpful. You can take your time and understand the concept with logic.

P for Plain English – Use Simple Language.

Put down your understanding in plain and simple language. You need not to include all the technical terms, but try to explain the concept to a small child. This is a technique used by Richard Feynman. He used to explain his concepts to his class of students to make sure if he had understood it himself. If you are unable to explain the concept in plain language then it is most likely that the concept is not clear for you.

T for Technical Description – the formal presentation of the topic.

After the basic understanding of the concept, the next step is to use technical terminologies to give the formal look and score better. So try to formulate a description for the concept with the least possible number of words.

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Adept for Understanding

ADEPT is a user-friendly technique of studying better, the students can make a checklist and proceed in a phase-wise manner. Mugging-up technical description and practicing the problems is no longer a practice. The concept plays an important role, once you are thorough with the concept then you can solve any kind of problems, you need not to rely on your workbook solutions to score better. Students who are clear with the concept will score well in both academics and also in competitive exams.

Before proceeding for technical description, make sure you can explain the process in your own words and have the capacity to solve the example problems and can explain it to fellow members. The diagram you have created for imagining the process is as per the concept and is giving the acute results.

When you are at analogy stage everything seems to be blurred without any clear understanding. Many students face this situation after hearing lectures. They have a vague idea about what they have learned and the process or the diagram which your teacher has shown. As you proceed from analogy phase to diagram example and simple language you will develop a strong foundation and confidence to solve any kind of similar program. A learning process requires not only information and details but all the connecting dots should be there to get a fruitful outcome. Feynman Technique can be used for putting the concept in simple language.

Feynman Technique has been developed by Richard Feynman who has won Nobel Prize in Physics n the year 1965. His technique is simple. On a plain paper write down the topic name to be studied and then start explaining the topic in simple language as if teaching to a new student. This exercise helps in knowing your level of understanding of the topic and most importantly what you do not know about the topic. At this point, you will be clear with your weak points on the topic. Refer the study material, read and again repeat the process. If you feel you are just paraphrasing the topic try to concentrate more and split the topic in as simple language as possible, study the example to be clear with the concept.

Make learning a joyful experience; it is natural to have doubts while learning. You can develop your own technique of learning and can have own explanations. The ADEPT technique can be applied to studying all types of subject. Whenever you start with any topic, make a list of ADEPT for each topic and mark once a stage is completed. This technique allows studying quickly with a clear concept.

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Let’s look at an example of the ADEPT technique with the topic “Neurotransmission”

Analogy: This refers to neurons, the part of the nervous system which transfers information

Diagram: Neurons, connected to each other and transferring information


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Example: The electricity is transferred from one connection to another by connecting wires.

Plain language: neurons are connected to each other and release substances which transfer information

Technical Information: Neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers released by the terminal end of neurons binds to the dendrites of the adjacent neurons and transfer the information.

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