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Detailed Commerce Subjects List in Class 11

Commerce can be defined as the exchange of goods and services. It includes business activities from production to the final consumer. Commerce has been trending as one of the most opted subjects by students after class X as it offers lucrative jobs after graduation. In order to select commerce as a subject in class XI, the student should know the subjects taught in commerce and should analyze one’s interest and strength in studying the subject. Given below is the Commerce Subjects List in Class 11 in detail.

Commerce Subjects List in Class 11

Apart from the selection of good Commerce Subjects, it is equally important to be dedicated to the study of commerce. The student who is interested in numbers, business and economics can opt for commerce. The main Commerce Subjects taught are accountancy, business studies, economics and Maths. In addition to the core Commerce Subjects, the students will have English or other languages depending upon the selection of the medium and a second language also.

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Accountancy Subject in Commerce

As the name says, the subject helps to analyze and understand the profit and loss of a business enterprise. The financial statement produced gives financial information about the business entity in terms of shareholders, managers, and success or failure. Accountancy can be classified into 3 divisions accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing. It helps in summarizing the expenditure in terms of transactions and events and then interpreting the results of the expenditure. Accountancy is the backbone of any transaction which happens in any business organization.

Commerce Business studies

The subject lays basics for studying MBA (Masters in Business Administration). The subject provides insights about business organization – its structure, function, operation management, human resource, and marketing. It helps in understanding how business activities impact society through employment, income, opportunities and standards of living. This one important part of the three core Commerce Subjects provides insights into professional life and corporate culture.

Economics Commerce Class 11

In simple language, economics is the study of the production, distribution and consumption of goods. The subject teaches us the relation between supply and demand, consumer behavior and cost concepts. This important component of the Commerce Subjectsalso deals with the topic of development, inequality, poverty, and governance. It is an interesting subject that gives insight into the economy, employment policies, the impact of international trade, etc. Economics is broadly classified into two types – microeconomics and macroeconomics. Economics is not just about money matters, economic reasoning in politics, law, psychology, history, marriage and family life, have been increasingly used.

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Commerce with Maths subjects class 11

It  includes algebra, trigonometry and geometry. While at the outset it seems these subjects are not required in commerce, but in reality, these topics will help you in preparing for competitive exams to pursue higher education.

Many students think Commerce Subjects are easy, when compared to other subjects such as Maths and Science. They are equally complex and provide you with competitive jobs, provided you hold professional qualification. Students with interest and aptitude should opt for Commerce Subjects. You passion to achieve career goals will help you climb the ladder of success easily.

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