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10 Jobs in Science You May See In The Future

Career selection is an important aspect of life. It is not something that can be achieved overnight and changed as per the moods or requirement. Your qualification will define your area of work and the expected pay scale. It is important for students to understand that field selection is critical for career growth. As per a 2015 report from the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and pharmaceutical administration professionals were the highest paid in the United States and other notable professions included Biochemist or Biophysicist and Geology and earth science. The salaries of the professionals will depend upon the qualification, position, and the experience. The higher the qualification and experience, the better the pay! Let’s find out some Jobs in Science we may see in the future.

1.    Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and pharmaceutical administration: Pharmacists play an important role in health and well-being of the society whether it is the manufacturing of the pharmaceutical products, research, and development or dispensing, pharmacists are an integral part of the healthcare system.

Qualification: Bachelors degree in pharmacy or higher

2.    Biochemist or Biophysicist:  Biochemists and biophysicists work on chemical and physical properties of the living matter such as growth and development, diseases, development of biological products to improve human health, etc. This is one of the Jobs in Science you will see expanding in the near future.

Qualification: Bachelor’s and master’s degree in biochemistry, biology, chemistry or physics, a post-doctorate degree will be helpful in holding a good position in research and development organization.

3.    Conservationist: There has been immense deforestation and industrialization; the agricultural lands are being converted into residential landscapes. Conservationist with the help of landowners and Government bodies work towards environmental protection of natural resources such as soil, water, forests, etc.

Qualification: bachelor’s degree in ecology, biology, natural resource management, agriculture, or environmental science

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4.    Environmental Scientist: This profession will be one of the highest paid professions in the near future. The profile of these scientists will aim at identifying the source of pollutants from the atmosphere and eradicate pollutants. One of the Jobs in Science you will see truly increasing in the future, it will be that of an Environment Scientist.

Qualification: bachelor’s degree in environmental science, biology, engineering, chemistry or physics. If you want to climb the ladder higher, a master or a doctorate degree will be quite helpful.

5.    Environment technicians or Environmental Science and Protection Technician: These professionals work with environmental scientist to monitor the environment. They study the source of pollution and the measure to be taken for prevention and control of pollution. Owing to the increasing environmental changes and pollution, the requirement of environment technicians is expected to increase many folds in the near future.

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or biology, an associate degree or a certificate in applied science or science-related technology

6.    Forensic Scientist (forensic science technicians or crime scene investigators): These scientists specialize in collecting and analyzing physical evidence which can be collected from the crime spot. Doing an internship for gaining exposure and experience can help you in securing a better job.

Qualification: bachelor’s degrees in chemistry, biology, forensic science, or an associate degree in applied science.

7.    Hydrologist and Geoscientist: As the name says, the specialist is responsible for the study of water (both underground and surface water). Due to high environmental changes, there have been changes in the distribution and physical properties of water. It is expected to have a steep hike in the salary and the requirement of hydrologist and geoscientist in the near future. A good position in any research organization requires a doctorate degree. These scientist works are aimed at maintaining the earth’s environment. This is one of the Jobs in Science you do not see currently as being popular, but you will see more of it in the future.

Qualification: Masters degree in Environmental science, earth science or geological sciences

8.    Medical Scientist: They are responsible for the design and conduct studies to identify the cause, prevent and treat the disease. They are responsible for making innovative medicines which have improved the biological profile and therapeutic index. They work in hospitals, laboratories, and universities. A medical scientist can further do specialization as pharmacologists, toxicologists, neuroscientists, serologists, cancer researchers, immunochemists, etc.

Qualification: The students who intend to pursue character as a medical scientist should possess a postgraduate degree in medicine or a doctorate in biological science.

9.    Nuclear medicine technologist: Computed tomography (CT) scans and positron emission tomography (PET) scans have been used as important diagnostic tests for identification of diseases of lungs, brains, livers, kidneys, and other organs. Nuclear medicine technologist plays an important in identifying the area affected and the progression stage of the disease which helps inappropriate treatment. These specialists work with a nuclear medicine physician. They deal with radioactive chemical compounds. They can find a job in nuclear power plants and research and development laboratories. They are also responsible for providing safety instructions.

Qualification: Bachelors degree in radiologic technology, and a certificate in nuclear medicine technology

10. Material Scientist: The profile of a material scientist will be similar to chemist whose job responsibility is to study the structure and properties of the material. They study and analyze all types of materials such as metal alloys, glass or semiconductors.
Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics or Engineering
Apart from the above, there will be evergreen vacancies of chemists, Food science specialist, Atmospheric science and meteorology, and Nuclear, industrial radiology, and biological technologies, dentists and doctors.

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