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Online Studies App – 5 Advantages and Disadvantages

During this unprecedented crisis of Covid 19 Lockdown, everyone has been inconvenienced regarding work. The business, the salaried and waged and the student. The school going student has been thrown into the world of online learning, an uncharted territory not only for the child, but also for the parent. During a time like this does the Online Studies App give students any advantage?

Online Studies App – Is there a demand?

Right now when physically it is not advisable to travel anywhere and a lockdown is called nationwide how do students continue their study. There has been a rising demand for online studies in India. However, that too has been criticized for many reasons. The main disappointment has been that private schools have started online live classes, but are demanding full year fees. Also at the same time tuition classes have either not been able to open to students and they too are offering online live classes to get on the bandwagon of the online boom. But they are also demanding full fees.  This has not gone down well with parents, most of whom have been suffering pay cuts. 

In this scenario enter online studies apps that offer online learning. These apps have been around for quite some time now and people are aware of them. Even today with all the hype being created by schools and tuition classes they have been neglected as a good alternative to what’s out there. What are the advantages that these apps offer so that they can be considered over the live classes that are trending today.

Online Studies App – Advantages and Disadvantages

Like all good things, an online studies app has its own advantages and disadvantages. While you can study anytime and anywhere you increase screen time. 

Online studies App Advantages

Anywhere, Anytime with Online Studies App.

The biggest and most obvious advantage of online studies apps is you can study anytime and anywhere on it. Unlike live online classes where the student has to study at a particular time and for a limited period online studies app can be accessed 24 X 7. 

Trackable Learning

Since the lectures are pre-recorded and properly sequenced, the learning can be properly tracked and assessed. The student or supervisor can easily know which part of the syllabus has been done and how one is doing in a particular area of the syllabus. 

Better presentation – HIgh engagement, Interactive learning with Presentation and Animation

Recorded lectures can not only be planned but also edited to include the best information. Recorded lectures have presentations, animation, video clips and any other enhancement that can make the lecture enjoyable and more informative. 

online studies app

Quick assessment – Polls and MCQs, Surveys, Quizzes 

Online studies app have the advantage that every lecture and information snippet can be followed by assessments. It is said that assessments like MCQs actually help in remembering the information that has recently been viewed. Furthermore, teachers can interact with students by conducting polls, surveys and quizzes.

No Peer Distractions

Since students are not sitting in classrooms there is little chance of classmates distracting other students. 

No commuting required

Students do not need to travel anywhere to get access to the best lectures and lecturers. Whatever the weather outside the student can sit comfortably in his favourite corner and study online.

Disadvantages of Online Studies App

Need Regular and Continuous Internet

Although many students own mobile phones today, it is not necessary all of them have access to a fast and continuous internet connection. Internet connections may be expensive or unreliable in many places. Places away from urban areas may actually have unreliable electricity supply that may not help students connect to the internet in any way.

online studies app

Distractions can be at home too

Classmates may not be physically present to distract a student, but people of the household and gadgets in the house will distract the student. People watching television or playing games or lack of a separate study area can be very distracting for a student.

Procrastination by students

It is very easy to put away studies while studying at home. Students procrastinate studies to play with siblings and focus on other distractions. 

Time Management Skills Needed

Since the students need to manage distractions and don’t have to venture out of the comfort zones, they need to manage time correctly so they view lectures and attempt assessment regularly. 

Parents need to contribute time 

Students sitting at home are usually not serious about studies. It becomes a duty of parents to make sure students sit down regularly and study and attempt assessments. Parents have to take some time out of their busy schedule to help students take advantage of only studies app.

Robomate+ a Must Have for Students

The young new generation has better options to study at home. It is common knowledge that parents normally lament smartphones and personal electronic gadgets. Parents often feel that these are additional distractions and cause deviations from concentration in studies. The good news is that the two seemingly different things, studies and technology can be linked. 

Technology for studies

Online studies app like Robomate+ can be a student’s true study companion. Easy to download and intuitive to use, this is a study app that can empower the students with the know-how of the syllabi in many subjects.

It is engaging and interactive

The app consists of friendly and short video 5-7 minute tutorials and explanations. Simply speaking, a complex topic is broken down into bite-sized visual modules, each explained in an interactive and compelling way as if it is a personal tutorial. The best part is that the video can be played again and again, at a convenient location and pace.

The content in the app is mapped to the academic curriculum, packaged in an indigenous manner. The look and feel are very appealing, especially to the youngsters. The liberal use of vibrant colours and innovative animation really do lighten the study experience, making it more enjoyable.

Storytelling all the way

Unlike the seemingly boring textbooks where the information is in long textual paragraphs to pour over, a story format is used well to weave information in a way that has the power for the better understanding of concepts and higher memory retention.

With short attention spans that often make students lose interest in class, this online studies app helps drive the same in a friendly way. The online studies app is a smart alternative to expensive and time-consuming tuitions as well. This saves a lot of time for students, as they also save commuting time. For female students, this is a boon as their safety is also not compromised by switching to Robomate+.

There are evaluation tests as well

Students dread when the teacher decides to assess them, often finding it hard to absorb all the information. Robomate+ can help here too. There is a short, interactive test to assess the students’ learning after every sub-topic. If there are any doubts, one can simply go back and clarify them again. In addition, there’s Performance Analysis to help identify the weak areas.

In short this online studies app will help students learn and revise lessons easily and thoroughly improving their marks and grades.

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