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8 Tips on How to Focus on Studies and Get Ready for Exams

Studying for hours on end is not necessarily productive. However, learning for a small duration, but with concentration is much better. The main aim of learning is to grasp concepts and information and remember it. If you try to learn without understanding, you will end-up trying to memorize chapters, which is really not easy, and ultimately forget what you have memorized soon. Here we give you tips on How to Focus on Studies.

How to Stay Focused While Studying

Organize and Make a Plan to Study

Make a proper study timetable and stick to it on daily basis. Make a list of chapters or concepts you need to revise and paste it on your wall, so you will know exactly the things that have to be done.

Set Daily Goals that are Achievable

Sticking to a timetable can be a very daunting task. So make a goal oriented time table rather than just a list of things to be done. Try to set specific study goals which are achievable like the number of pages you will learn or the number of math problems you will solve. Make sure you complete your tasks for the day before going to bed.

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Stay Away from Distractions

According to a study done by University of California-Irvine, it can take, on average, nearly 20 minutes to get back to the earlier level of concentration after an interruption. Electronic gadgets are the main source of distraction today. Social Media including video sites kill precious time of students. Studying in a place where the television is being watched or other children are having fun will lead to unwanted distractions. So staying away from all distractions is a good way to stay focused while studying.

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Study in a Proper Study Environment

Fix a place for your study. Maybe it is your room, outhouse or a room on your terrace. You can paste charts of formulas, diagrams, time table, etc, to refer and memorize them easily. The place should be away from all kinds of distractions including your television and radio. It should give you peaceful environment to study. A desk or table facing your charts and flash cards will lend the room an environment that encourages longer periods of focus while studying. Avoid studying on your bed since you may get the urge to lie down and then doze off.

Note Important Tasks if They Come to Mind

Many times while you are doing something important, in this case – studying, you remember an important task that you had to do, but forgot. Don’t rush to do it right away. It will take away precious minutes of your allotted time of study. Instead, make a list of to do list which you will do after you have finished your studying.

Sufficient Rest and Sustenance is Part of the Study Process

Sufficient sleep, healthy food and exercise is necessary to have a healthy mind and body that supports your intentions of studying according to plan and completing goals you’ve set in your time table. An empty stomach can also be a distraction. A restless brain and a weak body will not help in staying focused while studying.

Keep all required things with you (water, Snacks etc.)

Along with the best study material and study tools you can keep lots of fresh fruits and vegetables snacks which help in increasing memory power and stamina. You should keep yourself hydrated with water or fresh fruit juices. Always have a bottle of water on your study table to avoid getting up to fetch water.

Difficult to Concentrate for Long Periods

The biggest problem to concentrating on anything is lack of interest. Studies for many is not something they want to do. So you will have to motivate yourself to study. Remember good marks will get you admiration from classmates and adulation from friends and relatives. Also you could begin your time-table setting with smaller periods of time between breaks. You could sit continuously for 30 minutes at the start and build up to a couple of hours over a period of days.

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