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JEE Crash Course 2018

This JEE crash course will definitely fuel your preparations at the moment, since the exam is just stone`s throw away! So, to make the most of the little time that you got left, take the crash course to polish and sharpen your conceptual as well as problem-solving skills.

We offer the Robomate+ JEE Crash course that covers the entire syllabus in the most intensive and effective way. This short-term course is especially designed for all those students who are aiming to crack IIT. The term of this course is between 6-7 weeks. Once you are done with this crash course, you are sure to get an edge over your competitors.

Problems of varied difficulty levels are available in this course. While at it, you can also clear all the doubts that you had piled-on before. Going through the important topics, this course will help you brush-up all your concepts at once. Post this course (and practice tests), you can self-assess your strength and weaknesses. The results will help you in concentrating more on your weaker areas, since that is what is required in last-minute preparations.

Our JEE Crash Course will be at your disposal as soon as the class 12th board exams get wrapped up. JEE preparation is very different than the regular class 12th board exam preparation, since the former tests you on the application of the concepts that you learnt while the latter is all about theoretical concepts. Thus, you would definitely benefit out of the crash course if taken just after your 12th exam, since the theoretical knowledge that needs to be applied in JEE patterned paper will be still fresh in your mind.


Highlights of the crash-course-work is explained below:

JEE Crash Course 2018

  1. A planned study model that is exquisitely designed by some of our experienced exam experts, comprises the course work. All you got to do is follow the plan diligently.
  2. Revisions and practice papers are there to boost your confidence and make you perfect in concepts.

     3.Every given topic can be studied multiple times to visually help you memorize and understand them in a better        way.

  1. Hundreds of sample papers that cover all possible topics from JEE syllabus are there in the course work. Feel free to solve them as many times as you want, till you are satisfied.
  2. Taking these tests multiple times on a regular basis will help you manage your time better on the D-day.
  3. Unique and smart shortcut methods will be given to speed-up your preparation and score better.
  4. You can save yourself from planning what to study since this course work has the best plan for you and will save your precious last-minute time.



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