Class 8 Maharashtra Board Maths

Maharashtra State Board Class 8th Maths syllabus gets updated regularly to keep the students up to-date. The subject is updated in terms of content, approach, methodology, exercises, etc. The topics which are covered in 8th standard will also be there in the 9th standard, so the syllabus is revised as per the requirement to be in accordance with the higher education and also with the competitive exams.

The key to success in the Maths is to practice a number of times and try the various methods to solve the problems. Shortcuts to the problems help in verifying the answer obtained and shortcuts are always a boon in saving time in verification and also to save time during competitive exams.

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The Std 8 Maths Text Book is prepared by expert people who have vast years of experience in teaching. Students appearing for class 8th should refer to Std 8 Maths Text Book before referring to other text books of 8th class Math.  The books issued by Maharashtra Board are according to the latest syllabus of MSBSHSE.

The Syllabus of Class 8 Maharashtra Board Maths is given Below.

Chapter 1 – Rational And Irrational Numbers
Chapter 2 – Parallel Lines And Transversals
Chapter 3 –  Indices And Cube Root
Chapter 4 –  Altitudes And Medians Of A Triangle
Chapter 5 –  Expansion Formulae
Chapter 6 –  Factorisation Of Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 7 –  Variation
Chapter 8 –  Quadrilateral : Consturctions And Types
Chapter 9 –  Discount And Commission
Chapter 10 –  Division Of Polynomials
Chapter 11 –  Statistics
Chapter 12 –  Equations In One Variable
Chapter 13 –  Congruence Of Triangles
Chapter 14 –  Compound Interest
Chapter 15 –  Area
Chapter 16 –  Surface Area And Volume
Chapter 17 –  Circle : Chord And Arc

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