Class 8 Syllabus

Maharashtra State Board Syllabus 8th Standard English Medium

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The Maharashtra Board of studies, which is an independent body of Maharashtra Education throws great emphasize on Maharashtra State Board Syllabus 8th Standard English Medium as the primary language of study. There is a common misconception that state boards do not focus on English for lower classes. It is broken by the Maharashtra State Board […]

Maharashtra State Board Syllabus for Class 8

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Although class 8th exam is not a board exam, but the syllabus of it is very important for laying foundation for higher classes and also for the competitive exams. Maharashtra State Board Syllabus 8th standard is programmed such that it covers all the necessary topics which are required for developing strong base for higher classes. […]

Class 8 Maharashtra Board English

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We offer the appropriate notes (short and long), study material, mock test papers, sample papers, questions & answers and videos. All the chapters are covered in detail along with the exercise for the students to practice. Apart from 8 Standard English Textbook, NCERT books with solutions are very helpful in learning and getting the right […]

Class 8 Maharashtra Board Maths

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Maharashtra State Board Class 8th Maths syllabus gets updated regularly to keep the students up to-date. The subject is updated in terms of content, approach, methodology, exercises, etc. The topics which are covered in 8th standard will also be there in the 9th standard, so the syllabus is revised as per the requirement to be […]

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