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Chemistry 11,Empirical and Molecular Formula Laws of Chemical Combinations POAC

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So, in the last lecture if you remember we had started off with discussion of mass
percentage composition in empirical and molecular formula and I had discussed that how do
you determine the mass percentage in various elements in a compound. To do that I had
told that we will take 1 mole of the compound and we […]

Chemistry 09, Stoichiometric Calculations involving gases

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So, in the last lecture if you remember we had discussed the effect of dilution and mixing of
solution and also we had discussed these calculations which we do in stoichiometry based
on the strength terms like on basis of molarity, you had seen acid based neutralization or
double displacement example in which you had seen precipitation of […]

Chemistry 08,Stoichiometric Calculation Using Strength of Solutions

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Okay, let’s begin today’s discussion. First of all, we have to discuss these questions which
yesterday I had given as homework. I will show you how to tackle these two questions. In
the last lecture we had discussed neutralization of HCl and NaOH. So what we will do, for
first question, we will mark the reaction HCl plus […]

Chemistry 07, Variation Of Strength Dilution And Mixing

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Okay everyone we will start with the discussion of the two questions that we had taken as
homework last time. Okay, so the first question was, calculate the volume of concentrated
sulphuric acid whose density is 1.84 gram per millilitre and contains 98.0% H2SO4 by weight,
that would contain 40.0 grams pure H2SO4. How many of you have […]

Chemistry 06, Problems Based On Strength Of Solution

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So, let’s resume with the discussion of strength terms, in the previous lecture we had
discussed parts (00:13), now we will start with the next term and it is one of the very
important terms. The first term that we are going to do is, Molality. Molality is defined with
the symbol small m, okay, so first all […]

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