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Physics 02, Gravitational and Spring Potential Energy,Work Energy Theorem

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So there is one special thing called potential energy that we call conservative force. So write,
relation between conservative force and potential energy. Relation between conservative
force and potential energy. Okay, class, write now. Change in potential energy is equal to
minus work done by conservative force, okay. Now, from here we will create gravitational
force potential energy (1:36) […]

Physics 04, Force Potential Energy Relation and P E Curve

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Okay, find the maximum elongation. Block is released from rest, block is released from rest
and the spring is at its natural length. Spring is at its natural length. Class, let us discuss one
thing. It was released with zero initial velocity. When will there be maximum elongation?
When it will stop moving. You should understand that the […]

Chemistry 02, Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagent

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We will start, friends in the previous lecture we have discussed what are atoms, what are
molecules, how to calculate total number of atoms and how to calculate total number of
molecules. If one sample is given we can find out many entities are present in that sample
let it be molecules, or individual atoms or we can […]

Chemistry 01 , Atoms and Molecules

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Mole and Equivalent Concept:-
In the beginning we will be targeting only the mole concept. And we will try to understand
only the mole concept. We will not bring into the discussion of equivalent concept, this will
be only done when we have completed the portion of mole concept. But both are parts of
Stoichiometry calculation, so there is […]

Newtons Law of Motion & Friction – Pseudo forces

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Pseudo Force.
Relax, settle down.
What is the meaning of Pseudo?
Which is not real. Do you know the meaning of Law?
Is there any other Law that you know of? There is only type of Law, according to me. What is the
meaning of Law?
Justice (Kanoon).
Justice which has a long arm.
It is blindfolded.
That is not necessary it depends on […]

Physics 04, Problems based on Constrained Relations

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Motion on inclined plane. Motion on inclined plane. What is inclined plane? See, the
triangular prism structure, this is called inclined plane. And if we see from this side, what we
can see is, this one, the cross section view of inclined plane sides, okay. This is the base, this
is the height and this particular angle, which […]

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