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Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Chapter-3, Functions

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Good afternoon students, today, we will study Functions 2. In functions 1, we talked about different

kinds of functions, how to solve inequalities, how to find domain of functions, how to find range of

function. What are one, one functions, what are many to one functions, what are into functions and

what are onto functions? […]

Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Chapter-7, Sequences and Series

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Today we are going to study sequences and series. 1, 3, 5, 7 what’s the next number, 9. 1, 4,

9, 16, 25, what’s the next number, 36. Very good, very good, so all these are different

sequences there can be many, many sequences, there are infinite number of sequences

which are possible. What is […]

Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Chapter-5, Quadratic Equations B

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Good morning class, in last class we talked about Quadratic Equations. Today we are going to study

quadratic equations further. Last class what we have done is, I am going to revise all that for you. We

know what is quadratic equation? Equation which is of the form ax square plus bx plus c […]

Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Chapter-4, Quadratic Equations A

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Today, we are going to study topic Quadratic Equations. Equations which are of the form ax square

plus bx plus c equals to zero, are quadratic equations when a is not equal to zero. If a is zero than

equation is linear equation.

Let us talk about roots of quadratic equations. Alpha beta are the, if alpha beta […]

Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Chapter-1, Basic Functions

2016-03-17T09:13:20+00:00 Categories: Archive - 2015-16|Tags: , , , , |

Good afternoon class, welcome everyone.

Today, we will study the chapter Function. In functions we will study about many different kinds of

functions, modulus functions, greatest integer functions, fractional part functions, logarithmic

function. There are infinite types of different functions that we can study on. But to study all these,

first we should know how […]

Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Chapter-2, Functions

2016-03-17T09:18:41+00:00 Categories: Archive - 2015-16|Tags: , , , , |

Good afternoon, students, welcome to second class of functions. In first class, we talked about the

domain of functions, we talked about how to solve different inequalities. We also learnt that how to

solve functions of modular questions. Then we also learnt about domain also. Now, we will study


We ended the class with […]

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