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Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Application of Derivatives

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Good afternoon students, today we will study maxima and minima increasing decreasing

functions and other applications of Derivatives. Let us start.

Derivatives are very widely used and they have many different applications. As we studied in

the last lecture, firstly they are used in finding equation of tangents, equation of normals.

Secondly, they are also used for checking whether […]

Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Probablity

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Greetings for the day, today we will study topic Probability. Probability, in which we will talk

about chance of happening of an event, chance of happening of any event. Say, everybody

knows about classical definition of Probability. We had studied in 10th the classical definition

that probability of any event is equal to number of favourable cases divided […]

Std-11, Science , Mathematics , Permutation and Combination

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Good afternoon, students, today we will start with next topic, Permutations and

Combinations. In permutations and combinations we will talk about counting. We will know

how to count fast. In this we will study how to count quickly.

For example, in this row 8 students are sitting. One way of counting is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, […]

Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Chapter-9, Straight Line

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Good morning class, today we will study topic of straight lines. We all know what is a straight line.

Let us talk about the centroid of the triangle. See, centroid is point of intersection of medians of

triangle. The point where two medians meet what do we call that point, centroid. For example, say

this […]

Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Chapter-13, Matrices and Determinants

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Good morning students. Today we will talk about topic, Matrices and Determinants. We

know what is Matrix it is a rectangular arrangement of numbers and what is Determinant, it

is a square arrangement of numbers. Determinant is always associated with a value. So we

know many things about Matrices and Determinants, and […]

Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Chapter-12, Vectors and 3D

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Good afternoon class, today we will study the topic Vectors and 3D.

Vectors and 3D is a very important topic. Many questions come in JEE Mains, majorly of 3D. You

have to learn this topic very well. In this short lecture people talk about what kinds of questions

come in competition exams and how to solve […]

Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Chapter-6, Complex Number

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Good morning students, today, we will study Complex Numbers. Those numbers which are not real,

what do we call those numbers, Complex Numbers. Everybody of you know that the solution to this

type of equation is not real. So, this solution is called complex numbers. There are two solutions of

this equation, one is square root […]

Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Chapter-3, Functions

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Good afternoon students, today, we will study Functions 2. In functions 1, we talked about different

kinds of functions, how to solve inequalities, how to find domain of functions, how to find range of

function. What are one, one functions, what are many to one functions, what are into functions and

what are onto functions? […]

Std-11, Science, Mathematics, Chapter-7, Sequences and Series

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Today we are going to study sequences and series. 1, 3, 5, 7 what’s the next number, 9. 1, 4,

9, 16, 25, what’s the next number, 36. Very good, very good, so all these are different

sequences there can be many, many sequences, there are infinite number of sequences

which are possible. What is […]

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