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Terms and Condition


A:The referral program is simple. You share the amazing Robomate+ platform with your friends and relatives using your referral code. As soon as 100 of your referrals download the app, install it and register with the Robomate+ platform using your referral code, a discount code is generated and sent to you. You can now subscribe to a product from the vast array of courses for a period of one month using this discount code. Discount codes are NOT applicable with products that cost more than Rs. 500/- per month, CA and MBA courses.
A:You can find your Referral code in the drop down menu (which you will find on the top left corner). It will be in the ‘My Referrals’ tab. Every user has a unique referral code as soon as the person installs Robomate+ app.
A:Once one of your friends installs Robomate+ using your referral code you will get a notification in the ‘My Referrals’ tab where you found your referral code. As soon as 100 of your friends install Robomate+, a discount code will be generated that will be available for use.

A:Referrals generate a discount code. However, they work in multiples of 100. Your first 100 referrals will generate a discount code. The next 100 will generate another discount code. Each discount code can be used to subscribe to a product for one month.
A:If 200 of your friends register with Robomate+ in one day using your referral code, then the discount code generated can be used to subscribe to one product for a period of two months. Similarly, if 300 of your referrals install the app in a single day then you can subscribe to one product for a period of three months. However, if your referrals install on different days then the discount code that will be generated can be used to subscribe to a single product for a period of one month.
A: You can subscribe to a product from the in-App store using the Discount Code. Go to the store in your Robomate+ app and subscribe to the course you want. The app will give you an option to pay or use the discount code. Apply the discount code and you will get access to all the features for the particular product.
A: Yes, you can. When you friends and relatives start installing and using Robomate+, your app will generate the discount codes. However, remember the maximum time period that one discount can give you is three months.
A: You will get unlimited access to all the features of a single product for a limited period of time as per the validity of the discount code.
A: Each Discount Code is valid for a period of one month. Please use the Discount Code within the validity peiod.
A: No, you cannot gift your Discount Code to anybody else. All Referral Codes and Discount Codes generated are linked with the devices and cannot be transferred to another device.

Terms and Conditions

These are terms and conditions that commonly apply to promotions on the Robomate+ mobile app, www.roboestore.com and www.robomateplus.com. It also includes the ones where you must redeem a promotional code as part of the offer. The applicable product detail page may contain additional terms and conditions that add to what you see in this document.

  • This is a limited time offer.
  • MT Educare Ltd reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time.
  • Offer applies only to new products sold and shipped by MT Educare Ltd or digital content sold and delivered by MT Educare Ltd.
  • Digital content and services may only be available to customers located in India and orders placed on roboestore.com are additionally subject to the terms and conditions mentioned therein.
  • Offer good while supplies last.
  • Offer limited to one per customer and account.
  • Offer may not be combined with other offers.
  • Each promotional code applies only to qualifying items.
  • Shipping charges may apply to discounted and free promotional items.
  • If the offer has a minimum purchase requirement :- taxes, shipping and handling, and gift wrap do not apply when determining the minimum purchase amount.
  • If the offer is for physical goods, the promotional code applies only to items purchased in a single order and shipped at the same speed to a single address.
  • Offer is non-transferrable and may not be re-sold.
  • If any of the products or content related to an offer is returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product or content, subject to applicable refund policies.
  • Offer discount will be allocated proportionally among all promotional items in your order.
  • If you violate any of the offer terms, the offer will be invalid.
  • Offer Valid only for products sold in India.
  • The Promotion is valid only for registered users of Robomate+ who have their registered addresses in India and are presently residing in India
  • Promotion shall not apply to employees of MT Educare Ltd as well as to employees of partners of MT Educare Ltd.
  • Promotions are not applicable to MBA and CA courses
  • Discount code is valid for a period of one month only
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