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Using Robomate+ App for IIT JEE Preparation

IIT JEE is the most sought-after and one of the toughest entrance exams in India. All eligible aspiring engineers put all they have (effort, time, energy and money) to qualify for this prestigious exam. IIT JEE preparation by students is a nation-wide phenomenon. It is something that parents push their children to work on and clear with high score.

Indian Institute of Technology(s) (IITs) are the cream institutes for pursuing engineering courses. With a few more additions to their colleges, IITs have further increased the scope and opportunity for every aspiring engineer. However, cracking this exam is anything but easy. These institutes only admit the best and have a high standard when it comes to their qualifying marks.

How does Robomate+ help to crack IIT JEE

Robomate+ – The Learning App aids in complete self-learning with enough number of mock tests, and also helps you establish personal contact with eminent and experienced teachers who can clear all your doubts. The Robomate+ learning App has study materials that are prepared by the experts in the field.

Everybody knows the best way to prepare for any entrance exam is by rigorously practicing the mock papers. Robomate+ gives you the opportunity to browse through and solve these question papers.

Also found in Robomate+ is the latest exam pattern, syllabus with chapter names from all the subjects that the exam covers. Needless to say, but if you study for IIT JEE, this preparation will also aid you in writing all other engineering college entrance exams of India as well.

Video modules that are present in the app make understanding of the toughest of concepts much easier than only theoretical material. These specially designed video modules are made by the best of the mentors from Mahesh Tutorials. There are mock tests after every chapter that you study in the app. Tests that are present in the app cover the syllabus from CBSE, ICSE and the State board, so that students from every background fit the bill.

The mock tests that are full length for each chapter include the following:

  • Exam pattern
  • Exam syllabus
  • All topics covered in the exam

Every time you study via the app, it stores your progress and evaluates your strengths and weaknesses. Weaker areas (subjects in general or topics to be specific) are identified. This way the app urges you to focus on things that are bringing down your over-all score.

Try Robomate+ for yourself – Get a Free Trial.

Download the Robomate+ – The Learning App on your Android device from Google Play Store and for iOS device on Apple App Store.

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