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State Board English Std VII English demo Videos

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Welcome back, kids, once again. Now, we saw that two ladies were fighting with each other for the shawl and they went into physical violence. Now, let’s see to Charnu, this maid says. Let’s see what she says to him.

She says, “Come here, you boy. What’s your name?” She asks for his name. He says, “Charnu Fatehsingh,” he says that. She asks, “Did you see her push me down. You are a witness. Remember how she pushed me down.”

Alright, kids, now he says, “Yes.” Now she says that you are going to be my witness, he hesitates and he says, yes and says, “I will. Yes, I will.”

Queen Tara’s maid asks Charnu whether he witnessed the incident of the other maid pushing her down, did he see that. Then the second maid gets up and pulls the shawl. They fight again. You can see that image that’s funny. But they fight, the second maid pulls the first one hair. “I won’t leave you and I won’t spare you.” And they are fighting, kids.

Here she says, the other one. “Why you!” she says to Charnu, “Why you! Did you see how hard she pulled at my hair? Look here, boy, you were a witness to that, an eye witness. Remember this woman’s uncouth behaviour, Charnu Fatehsingh.” Now, she says to Charnu, that you are going to be my witness and she throws away the shawl. Both the maids leave in huff. Anger right huff. He smiles and says, “I have kept the promise that my father gave to the wisdom seller. I stood witness to the quarrel between the queen’s maids but I did not participate.”

Right, now kids, Queen Roopa’s maid asks Charnu, whether he witnessed the incident of the other maid pulling her hair. But Charnu remembers the promise he made to his father that he will just witness the quarrel and not be part of it and he is very proud about it.

So, here now, scene three the king’s palace, what happens there, the maid goes to Queen Roopa. Now, Queen Roopa enters followed by the first maid. And now they talk, she says, “Your Highness, Queen Tara’s maid chose the same shawl that I had chosen for you. It was gorgeous you would have looked even more beautiful.” And now she adds, “Really, why didn’t you insist on buying it?“ The queen says, why didn’t you insist? “I did but the maid was rude and grabbed it from my hands and even pulled my hair.” She is complaining, kids. Queen Roopa’s maid narrates the entire incident that took place in the bazaar to Queen Roopa. Now, she listens to everything and she says, “We shall complain to the King. Was there any witness?” What is a witness, kids? A person, who sees an event or is a proof of the event taking place, okay, so if you see something an event you are witness to it. Okay, if you see two kids fighting and you look at them, you are a witness that something went wrong there, exactly. Now, “Yes, a boy called Charnu Fatehsingh. We do have a witness Charnu Fatehsingh.” Now, Queen Roopa gets angry over the entire incident and wants to complain about it to the King. She asks the maid who witnessed the scene. The maid names Charnu Fatehsingh as the witness. The queen says, “Send for the boy and tell him that if he doesn’t speak in our favour, he shall be sent to the gallows.” Okay, gallows – a structure for hanging criminals. Hanging means he will be killed. That is what she says. She says, “Yes, your highness.” She agrees to that.

Both exit. Enter Queen Taro followed by the second maid. Now both of them exit and now Queen Taro enters along with the maid. Queen Roopa asks the maid to call the boy and threaten him to talk in their favour or he will be hanged to death. And now they leave, now the other Queen Taro enters along with her maid

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