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Hello Students, I am Sarita, and, you and me today will study all about the plants. In studying the plants in module 1, will study about the tissues the plant tissues and students before we can go to the study of the tissues we need to study 2 terms that is why we need to study about the tissues and where are we studying about the tissues, look at that histology is the branch of biology where we study all about the tissues and why do we study about the tissues exactly to study about the internal structure and that is anatomy. The branch of biology that deals with the study of the internal structures with that the whole concept of plant tissues originated with work of the pioneers Nehemiah Grew as well as Marcello Malpighi of whom Nehemiah Grew later was called the father of plant anatomy and this rightly a 1mark question awfully asked in the boards students, who is the father of plant anatomy? And that’s Nehemiah Grew. Now what are plant tissues, there are group of cells or aggregation of cells which perform a common function and they have a common origin. Plant tissues basically can be classified into two types based upon the capacity to divide or not and are been classified as Maristem. Maristem which are those cells, which have the capacity to divide and again observe that students it’s a 1 mark question awfully asked in the board. So Maristem are those tissues which are capable of dividing have the capacity to divide they are constantly undergoing division. They had no other work other than dividing. The second group of tissues called them as permanent tissues and these are tissues which have stopped dividing or incapable of division and they are assigned with a particular function to take part in the plant body. Here we go on now. Before we study very clearly about the tissues, let us study 2 more terms one of them is differentiation. Now differentiation is refer students cells that is Meristematic tissues becoming assigned as a function that is less specialize cells become more specialized cells in order to perform a function, observe there Meristerms get themselves differentiated to give rise to Pyrencyma which a permanent tissue, observe that Meristems differentiate to become a permanent tissue. So they are form permanent tissues which are performing a function. I move on to the next term that is Dedefferentiation, now this reverse of differentiation, differentiated cells revert back to the dividing stage that means pyrencyma which is a permanent tissue becomes now a Meristematic in nature, look at that Meristerms permanent tissues divide or Dedefferentiate to become Meristerms that is permanent tissues which are assigned with the function, now start dividing and awfully happens in last trees for increase of growth, Thank You.

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