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MBA Entrance, Logical Reasoning and Direct Interpretation, Numerical Logic, Module 2

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Hi, welcome to the second session on numerical logic in this session we will be doing the set on 7 friends staying in 7 rooms there have been some hints given about their room numbers and upon reading those hints you have to decipher which friend stays in which room number I am sure you must have studied this set very well right so here are the seven rooms we have been told that the smallest room number is more than 50 and the greatest room number is less than 60 so this the range we also been told that Mangal stays in the highest room number and is a prime number now the 2 prime numbers in this range are 53 and 59 but Mangal cannot stay in 53 because if he was 53 and that was the highest room number then the smallest room number would have been in forties which is not permissible which means Mangal has to stay in room 59 which is the highest prime number in the given range and now that your figure out this room number and we also know that all the rooms are consecutively numbered we can find the room number for all the remaining rooms it will be from 53 all the way to 59 right next we have told about Som’s and Bhudh’s room number it said that Som stays in an odd numbered room and Bhudh stays in an even number room so the choices are the possibilities are that Som may stay in rooms 53 or 55 or 57 while Bhudh may stay in rooms 54 or 56 or 58 right we have been told that the difference between Bhudh’s room number and Gurus room number in that order is equal to that between Mangal and Som in that order right and now we know that Mangal is staying in room 59 and Som is saying in odd number room which means the difference between those two will have to be even with 2 odd numbers the difference will even but it can’t be 6 simply because if the difference is 6 so Som would have been in room 53 and that would have been the highest difference between any two rooms in this row right how can it be equal to any other two rooms difference because it’s the highest difference so Som clearly cannot stay in room number 53 right which means that

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