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Tips for Parents of Students Taking the Board Exams

No matter how well-performing and focused your son/daughter were all through his/her life; board exams exhibit your nerves straining at a whole new level. Is he/she reading the right books? Are teachers justifying their end of the bargain? Could the question paper get more difficult? Those crucial marks that alone can ensure a seat in one of the prestigious universities and colleges in and beyond your country; a little support and push from your side would work wonders!

Primarily, never compare your child with another! Apart from being a concern of a constant prick; comparisons do not often fetch better grades. Every child has a different and well-established cognitive reasoning ability; Nurture it! You need to reassure your son/daughter that they are never less than the other no matter what the scenario. Assistance is to be offered with a sense that makes your child perform better than his previous self.

  1. Most children loosen up and fail to concentrate considerably when they study alone, while at the same time your child could be the one that can focus only when in an isolated environment. Talk to him/her! Get to know what suits him best. If he/she were the kind that performs better when in a group, help him engage in group sessions and group studies. Several parents have admitted that it was group studies that enhanced the performance of their child manifold.
  2. Our knowledge grows rapidly when we mutually engage ourselves with others with a similar perceptions and ideologies. For students, most of their intricate queries and ambiguity shall clear off when their set of doubts put forth another; group discussions are a profoundly rich way to revisit and reestablish their knowledge on the subject.
  3. On several occasions, it is the material that is to be blamed! Your son/daughter might not follow the right material, with the right set of questions. Keep a constant check on what he studies and how he studies.
  4. Observations and constant communications are essential to understand where your child exactly stands, what he/she exactly needs and to analyze how intense a task it would be to steer him/her the right way. Remember, you can only provide an environment that nurtures your child to perform better.
  5. Research suggests that it is the nurturing environment that most students appearing for board exam miss out on. Sit with him/her on the dining table every night, and talk about their progress over the day. If you observe areas of improvement – suggest them!
  6. Never discuss a bad performance more that it should be! Remark his/her errors and clear out his/her concepts to the maximum. Do not stick onto the one bad performance your child displayed pricking him at every possible window. Shoot for the skies hand in hand with your child, and there curb the very possibility of failure.

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