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Do’s and Don’ts in a Personal Interview

Aspirants, who have qualified in the MBA Entrance Exams, find it difficult to crack personal interviews as there is no syllabus, pattern, and scoring subjects. Although it is not rocket science to crack the personal interview students are usually confused and do not know how to prepare for a PI for admission to a premium MBA college. Most of the time, aspirants try to figure out what to do and what not to do during the MBA Personal Interview.

Personal Interview is conducted by the institutes for evaluating the attitude of the students towards life and students’ leadership skills. Go through some important dos and don’ts that every student has to follow to get you started for the Personal Interview round of the MBA Admissions.

MBA Personal Interview- Do’s and Don’ts


  • “First Impression is the last impression”, do consider the phrase while dressing up for the interview.
  • All preparations should be complete at least one night before. Pre-planning is a must to eliminate last moment hassles.
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
  • Be humble and show respect to the other people whether they are the staff members or not.
  • Maintain eye contact during the interview.
  • Be confident and wear a positive smile on your face
  • Focus on self-grooming.
  • Keep your answers short and focused. Avoid lengthy explanations
  • In the end, if you have a query regarding the admission process then do ask them.


  • Instead of making excuses, take responsibility for your decisions and actions.
  • Never ever overly criticize or use negative words for your graduate college professors.
  • Don’t start with ‘Myself’. It shows that you are self-centered and puts the panel off.
  • Never be late, not even a single minute.
  • Don’t show your eagerness to get the admission. Stay calm.
  • Don’t chew gum or smell like smoke.
  • Don’t be unprepared for typical interview questions. You may not be asked all of them in every interview, but being unprepared looks foolish.
  • Do not be rigid with your posture; don’t slouch, and don’t sit on the edge of your chair.
  • Don’t show negativity in your thoughts. Always be positive and determined to achieve.

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