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Bhai Dooj 2018

Diwali is a festival of lights; it is a five-day festival. The fifth day or the last day of Diwali is celebrated as “Bhai Duj”. In 2018, Bhai Dooj is on Friday, 9 November. Bhai Dooj is celebrated the next day after the new moon day. This is the day on which sisters prays for the long life of their brothers.

This festival is a symbol of love between sisters and brothers, and is celebrated to strengthen the bond of care and affection between the two. On this festival, the sisters place “Tilak” on the forehead of their brothers. In return, the brothers give gifts to their sisters. This festival is very similar to the festival of “Rakshabandan” and people believe that the relationship between brother and sister becomes strong and unbreakable.

The names of “Bhai Dooj” in other languages

This festival has its name in every region. In Hindi, it is called Bhai Dooj as we are already notifying the festival with this name. In Sanskrit, it is called Bharti Bhagya. In Karnataka, local people call it as Dutiya Sauda Biziga. Bengoli people called it as Bhai Phota. Nepalies called it as “Bhai-Taka”. Bhai Dooj is famous with the name of  Karthigai among local peoples of Bhavnagar (Maharashtra) . Similarly, different regional peoples call Bhai Dooj with their own names for it.

Importance of Bhai Dooj festival Importance of Bhai Dooj Festival

The Bhai Dooj festival is celebrated to strengthen the love between the brothers and sisters. This is a day, when the siblings eat together, give gifts, and heartily treat each other.

Traditionally, Bhai Dooj festival is meant for brothers of married women. This is to strengthening the relationship between brothers and sisters. The brothers get an opportunity to examine the circumstances of his sister’s house.

So traditionally, all the brothers go to the homes of their sisters on this day and give them gifts. Sisters also pray for their brother’s long life and good health.

Story of Yama and Yami (Bhai Dooj Kahani)

Once upon a time, a long time ago; Sun God had married a beautiful princess named “Sanjana”. During one year, she gave birth to twins. Twins were named Yama, and Varni or Yamuna, and they grew together. However, after some time, Sanjana was unable to bear the talents of her husband, and therefore decided to return to the Earth. However, she left her replica, “Chhaya”, her exact copy, so that for the sun, it would appear that she is still there.

Chhaya played the role of a cruel stepmother and she was very ruthless for twins. She soon gave birth to her own children, and then convinced the Sun to take Sanjana’s twins, Yama and Yamuna out. Varni fell on the earth and became Yamuna, the river, and Yama thrown to hell, and became the master of death.

After several years of this incident, Varni married a handsome prince and she became happy and satisfied in her life. But she used to remember her brother and was eager to see him. Yama also remembered his sister, and one day he decided to visit his sister’s house.

Varni was very happy with the news of meeting with his brother. She prepared variety of food in her brother’s honor.  It was two days to go in Deepawali, so she decorated her home with lamps and colourful lights. She has decorated everything with love and prepared many sweets and dishes. Her husband was very happy to see Varni preparing for a welcome ceremony for her brother.

Yama was also very pleased with the reception given by his sister. After having separated for so long time, both, the brother and the sister spent some pleasant moments with each other. When the time came for Yama to go back, he said to his sister, “Dear sister, you have welcomed me with such love, but I have not given you a gift”. Therefore, you demand anything, and it will be yours.

Varni replied in a loving way – Your coming is a gift to me. I do not need anything else. But Yum constantly ask for it. I should give you gifts; he insisted.

Verni agreed and started thinking … and said that all the brothers should remember their sisters on this day and if they can go, they should go to meet their sister on this day. On this day all the sisters should pray for the happiness of their brothers.

Yama announced – I bless all the brothers who will give lovely gifts to their sisters on this day, they will get a long and healthy life.

After killing demon’s king Narakasur, Lord Krishna went to meet Subhadra, his sister. Subhadra traditionally welcomed him by making an aarti and tilak in her house.

According to Tritiya Samhita and Devi Bhagwat, the “Ras” of God starts in the month of Kartik. “Ras” is the process of creation in which there is consciousness control center and all others roam around it.

Kartik and Vaisakh are two points of the ecliptic and the equator. Earth axis runs in a circle over 26,000 years. At the first point, the two branches start like a blade of scissors (Kristika) and the opposite point is found in two branches.

Therefore, this festival is celebrated on the second day of Yama-Duitia Kartika, which is a symbol of the pair of siblings.

Vishakha-Paltanam is surrounded by Nagavali and Vamshadhara rivers, which start from the same place, but remain separate throughout the journey to the sea, hence it is very different.

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