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Lakshmi Pooja 2018

The festival of lights, Deepawali, is the time of goddess Lakshmi pujan and her arrival in our homes. Mother Lakshmi should be pray with her favorite flowers and dress her with her favorite clothes. Lotus and roses are dear to the mother in the flower. Food like sweets (desserts) and kheer are her favorite. Saffron sweets and pudding are dear. The cow’s ghee is necessary for the lamps (Deepak jyoti).

These days, goddess Lakshmi ji is worshiped in “Sthir Lagna Vrash” or “leo” in Deepawali. In auspicious time, the lights of Ghee are lit in front of the statue of Mata Lakshmi and Ganesh ji. Before that, remember that Mother Laxmi and Ganesha have been placed on red cloth placed on wooden seat. The fragrant incense is used. Saffron sweets or kheer or whatever is arranged is offered to goddess Lakshmi.

Lakshmi Puja has special significance on Deepawali. On this day, all devotees worship God Ganesha in their home, and during the night, the entire house is illuminated by the lamps. It is believed that on this day, Goddess Lakshmi comes to visit everyone and the devotee who worships Diwali Lakshmi with full devotion, settles for his home eternally. Many people keep fasting till the end of Lakshmi Puja on this day. In which from morning till evening Lakshmi Pooja is not consumed by eating anything.

There are many ways to please Mata Lakshmi. But for Diwali, many mantras are mentioned in the Vedas and Mahaprunnas for request of the arrival of Mata Lakshmi in people’s home or in business establishments.

According to one authentic source, the best time for Lakshmi Puja this year is between 07:38PM to 09:52PM. During this, there will be “duivisvbhav lagna mithun” and “pradosha” period will continue till 7:46 pm. Apart from this, people desiring to take advantage of Pradosha times and benefits of Chaugadhi should worship Lakshmi in the middle of 05:31 to 07:10 in the evening. “Chaughadiya” of auspicious night will remain from 08:48 to 10:26. For the accomplishment of special tasks, those who want to take advantage of the Chougadiya of the elixir with great age, they can worship Lakshmi between 11:17 and 12:04 at night.

According to the calculation of the auspicious time of Diwali Puja, it will remain from 5.00 to 27 minutes from 8 November to 8:00 and 30 minutes according to the calculation.

It means that the mother’s own residence or business establishment, but it is: that is permanent calling. On this day, the entire Sri Sukta should be recited accordingly and then recite Kanak Dharmashotra. The lord of Taurus is Venus. We should try to worship homes and business establishment is in Taurus period because Venus offers wealth and prosperity.

Tantric rituals are rich in the night of the new moon. After midnight, this should be worshiped in Mahaishishath Kaal and Leo’s lagn. One thing to remember is that do not sacrifice the owl. It is heard that many people sacrifice owls to attain the Tantric accomplishments, it is completely against the scriptures and inhuman. Thus worship the mother Lakshmi by following rituals and make aarti again.

Do not sleep in Deepawali’s night. Worship all night to please Goddess Lakshmi. Take “prashad” and distribute it. In this entire process, the dedication of your mind and dedication to the mother’s feet is extremely important because that is the origin of devotion. If you have “bhaav” and devotion then your worship will be accepted by mother Lakshmi and she will be happy as you pray her.

Laxmi Puja on Diwali

Clean the north-east direction corner for Lakshmi Pooja and spread the wooden pots over there. Some people paint the walls of that place with white or light yellow color. For this, cradia or white clay and ocher are used. This increases the energy of the place of worship. After laying a wooden pot, lay the red cloth on it and establish Lakshmi ji, Ganesh ji and Kuber ji. Keep in mind that the idol of Lakshmi ji should be set on the right hand side of Shri Ganesh. Some people keep idols of gold for worship, some silver, and some people worship the statue of a clay or even picture. Apart from the statue or picture, there is also a tradition of worshiping Lakshmi-Ganesh ji on this day on paper.

Thus, after establishing the idol, decorate the place of worship with flowers. Also, keep a vase or lota on the north side for worship and keep the lamp in the direction of the igneous angle, i.e. south-east. In Lakshmi Puja, fruits, flowers and desserts also contain paan, betel nut, cloves, cardamom and kapalgate too. Besides, whatever items you have bought on Dhanteras, you must also keep them at the worship place at the time of Lakshmi Puja and worship.

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