MH. Board-XI-Commerce-Economics

Std-11, Commerce, Economics, Ch-9, Infrastructural Development in India, Module-15

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Okay, students, now let us study, what are the problems faced by roadways and steps to overcome those roadway problems. To start initially with problems of road transport, number 1, poor quality. Students, our roads are of poor quality, which increases the cost of maintenance of […]

Std-11, Commerce, Economics, Ch 8 Economic Reforms since 1991 and its Features, Module-03

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Okay, students, let us continue with some more points of the need for economic reforms.

To continue number five, it was burden of debts. What is this burden of debts, students, all about? In 1990-91, the total debt of government of India stood at 62.5% […]

Std 11, Commerce, Economics, Ch-1 Economic Growth and Development, Module-01

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