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Std-11, Commerce, Economics, Ch-9, Infrastructural Development in India, Module-15

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Okay, students, now let us study, what are the problems faced by roadways and steps to overcome those roadway problems. To start initially with problems of road transport, number 1, poor quality. Students, our roads are of poor quality, which increases the cost of maintenance of the vehicles. Vehicles are moving like dhada, dhada, dhada. So quality is very poor. To continue with the second problem, heavy traffic on roads which results into time and fuel wastage. Third problem is road transport cost is high due to heavy taxes and, you know, the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing; year by year they are increasing, students. Point number 4, it is responsible for air and noise pollution. A vehicle, a driver can see that the vehicle in front of him cannot move, then too he will baa, baa, baa which creates the noise pollution, students.

To continue students, poor problems of road transports. Large tracts of rural roads continue to remain unmetal that is kutcha and are unusable during monsoon season. To continue with my next problem, students, road transport is comparatively unorganised, there is no lane discipline in our road transport. To continue with next problem, students, not suitable for bulky goods such as heavy machinery because the speed of the vehicle becomes very slow which results into traffic. To continue, students, with my next problem, it is affected due to breakdowns and delays, as you can see in this particular picture.

So this is all about my problems of road transports. To continue, road accidents are more due to unskilled and untrained drivers and there is craze of speed in many youngsters’ lives which results into accidents. Next one, is the rural network, road network is not adequate to match traffic growth. This is all my problems of road transport. But, students, to know what, in order to overcome the above problems a number of steps have been taken. Which are those steps? Like undertaking the National Highway Development Project, which involves developing Golden Quadrilateral, these are my four metropolitan cities Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata so North-South and East- West corridors, port connectivity and other projects. To continue with, certain steps taken like during XI Plan apart from completing National Highway Development Project I and II, work was started on NHDP III, IV, V and VI, why, to ensure inter-regional connectivity of districts, converting single lane roads into two lane roads, so that the traffic gets reduced. Constructing express ways in high traffic corridors etc. Main two important steps undertaken, students.

To continue with further steps, XII Plan aims to complete these projects and also work on state highways and district roads. So, once they are done with National Highways, they will move on to state highways and district roads to ensure full connectivity, students.

To continue, it also aims to connect the remaining rural habitations by constructing new roads and upgrading existing roads.

To continue, very important point road transport will be happy and safe journey if all will start following the rules and regulations of the traffic.

To continue with the next step it is very important for the development of the country that railways and roadways should be complementary to each other, very important point, they should complement each other rather than competing with each other and they are not competitive.

To continue students, with the next step, this is because the road transport links up the cultivators with the local market and also to the nearest railway station.

And my next point is the railways link the areas of production with the consumers at a distance, so that goods can be easily supplied from one place to another place.

These were all about my problems with certain steps to solve road problems.

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