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CA IPCC Business Environment Module 2

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Dear students we continue with objective of business, operational objective efficiency or productivity. right the very very much essential input – output ratios by utilizing resources effectively now the basis of efficiency are, redesigning production process, attaining suitable input output ratios of funds deployed. utilizing all the resources facilities and efforts in an optimum manner. kids I would like to mention here something about “Dabbawalas” now these peoples operating their business since last number of the —- and number of universities are doing study on them even they are appear in fobes magazine and when prince charls was in India he made the point that he will meet them. and he mate them, now baccha log these peoples they are same literate SSC pass, few of them may be HSC pass, and really some one might be graduate still these peoples got six sigma why? they are able to deliver dabba at the perfect correct address, now what is six sigma this is rank been giving to all those business operations, which perform their activities to the perfection. as an only 3.33 defects or errors right in the service of deliver of the dabbas. out of one million or ten lakh dabbas isn’t it amassing only 3.33 errors. or approximately 4 out of one million or ten lakh dabbas been delivered, so that is efficiency in business. now lets see another objective that survival profitability.

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