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CA IPCC Business Policy And Strategic Management Module 2

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Bachha log let’s see now strategy right strategy where did we get this from the word in Greek called stratego that is act of a General in the battle field right his game plan remember kids all your movies related with army, Navy on battlefield how they act what planning they do what is that stratego in Greek and in English strategy so let’s see what Glueck has given a unified comprehensive and integrated plan design to assure that the objectives of the enterprise are achieved so bachha log this is nothing but set of tools to achieve objectives of the company that is strategy it can be anything as in let’s see out here it can be surprise yes as an example which I gave you right just in the previous module about head and shoulders wasn’t is surprising for them right yes “Ek bottle nahi but sachet ka chamatkar kiya un logo ke liye” wasn’t it true ya that is some time either you surprise them or surpass them that is also strategy examples further either it can be attack from right or may be defend or may be ambush right and even it can be surrender as and when is required so this what the general buzz either he will attack or he will defend or ambush or the surrender “Hota hai ki nahi” yes everything depends on the time period and situation need to first check out the environment right these all the competitive moves which management needs to think right for approaching closer and closer towards the business objective it may be attack, defend, ambush or surrender like a general in the battle “Hai na bachha log” now let’s see what are other things which are possible, Expansion right that is what you can expand your market you can expand your business second diversifying like ITC not only cigarettes but they are into snacks even right I hope you are aware in to hotels in to readymade garments ok even in readymade food items that is diversification.

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