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CA IPCC, Strategy Implementation And Control, Module 2

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Bacha log, herein we are going to see the distinguish between Formulation and
Implementation, right, that is Strategy Formulation, the positioning forces before the action.
That is the format. Implemented, is maintaining forces during the action.
Second, strategy formulation forces on effectiveness, whereas implementation on
efficiency, remember, bacha log. Formulation is primarily an intellectual process.
Implementation is primarily an operational process. Formulation requires good intuitive
and analytical skills. Herein implementation requires special motivation and leadership
skills. Formulation requires co-ordination among a few individuals. Wherein
implementation requires combination among many individuals. So this is the distinguish
between Formulation and Implementation.
Now issues to be considered in strategy implementation. Number 1 is Project
Implementation and number 2 is Procedural Implementation.
this Module we are going to see Strategy Implementation and Control. In the previous
chapter we had seen formulation of functional strategy and here implementation, right. So
here we can see on the X axis we have Strategy Implementation and on the Y axis we have
Strategy Formulation. Now the desired one is block B, right, which gives you a good
combination of sound and excellent. This is the desired state which all the organisation
would love to be. Now many managers fail to understand between strategy formulation
and strategy implementation. A company would be successful only when strategy
formulation is sound and implementation is excellent. So the matrix in the figure below
represent various combination of strategy formulation and implementation. Now strategy
formulation and implementation matrix. The figure show the relationship between…..

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