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Welcome students we are here with a beautiful and interesting chapter in biology i.e. health and disease. in this chapter we will talking about the basic different type of disease and then we followed by the very important system of our body i.e. the different mechanism which helps to fight those disease and finally brief talk about the different aspects of addiction. Now lets us talk about very first module in this module we will be dealing with the erraticallypart what is basically health. Let us talk basically what is health and now it is very simple question for you students and very basic question but we all need to know what is health, yes let us taking an example. In this instance if you see the person here has got some disease yes we say that normally they are not healthy. Then does no disease means a healthy state. Let us talk about that now yes basically health doesnot simply mean the absence of disease or physical fitness then what is health? Yes Health is basically defined using a 3 important dimension. Can you guess the three important dimension what it could be? Ya first one here is the physical. And second one is very important is the mental and third one is going to be a social. Yes student Let us talk about them in detail now basically health is defined as a state of complete physical well being. Yes student first of all as a state of complete health i.e physical well being. Next important thing and what is this indicate that a person is physically healthy but you know when they are bound with too much of stress or it can be any in balances in the body and it interfused called the depression. Yes student and they play very important role and here if u see the person has to be healthy then it is healthy only if they have what state yes I mean to say a complete state of what complete mental well begin and that mean the person should not have any short of depression also. Next important thing what is this? Yes I am talking about maintaining good relationship with people in society. And here that is nothing but social well being let us try to summarized them now. Basically health is defined as a state of physical than the mental and social well being and very importantly and not merely absence of disease or infirmity. What is the infirmity? Yes infirmity meaning a state of weakness or debility. Now next important thing how do we remain a healthy? a very basic answer and very important answer here giving is hygiene. What is the hygiene and write students is the science of health which actually aims at preserving then maintaining and the improving. Yes the health of the it is only individual, ya it is individual and the community as a whole that is how can maintain a hygienic condition. Next important thing here is how to remain a healthy or how to maintain a good health and then very important thing practiced by us the first one , can you guesses the first one going to be , yes very right that is balanced diet . next important thing that is regular exercise and yoga meditation etc. and next thing is maintain a personal hygiene ,next is right attitude of mind and finally a cultivating a good habits all if this maintain well help us to maintain a good health now if this all are not maintained what is going to leading do, yes it might your condition called disease what is disease let us now to defined that now disorder of structures and functions basically other abnormal condition all of them collectively is called as disease . Now in this module just we have to talk about a brief outline of that disease but later taking about some example also. Now here in this module we have discuss about the health and the basic concept of hygiene and also outline disease. Yes in the next module we will talking about type of disease. Ya student we will right back in a next module. Bye then thank you.

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