Maharashtra SSC Board

One of the largest state boards in the country, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is responsible for coming up with rules and regulations pertaining to the conduct of Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations and implementation of the same.

Firm on its principles

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education was one of the first state boards that were set up in the country way back in 1966. Back then it was known as the Maharashtra State Secondary Education Boards. While it is exemplary to note that the board has never shunned away from its core values of unbiased integrity and punctuality, it has adapted itself to the changing times. The dynamic and up-to-date syllabus of the board is a testimony of that. Even today, June marks the beginning of an educational year in Maharashtra whereas March signifies the end.

With the head held high

With the passing time, the students are getting a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to getting their board certification. This includes both national as well as international boards. However, the Maharashtra SSC board has stood every test of time. Even today, most institutions consider the result in this exam as a prerequisite while allocating academic streams. As per the latest rules, a candidate has to obtain a minimum of 35 percent in the examination to be eligible for higher studies in any discipline. This includes both theoretical and practical knowledge in papers pertaining to various sciences, arts and other selected subjects.

What sets it apart?

One of the most student-friendly boards in the country, the students writing the SSC exams in Maharashtra have a very good pass percentage. In the year 2015, the figures reached a whopping 91.46%. With a steady growth, the year 2017 marked an all-time high in the overall number of candidates taking the exam.

Another feather to the kitty here is the fact that the exam results are declared with praiseworthy precision in very less time and can be checked out at their Official website. As the exams are conducted twice every year, the students can take the same without facing undue harassment by the board authorities. If every education board of the country adopts the same measures as that of the Maharashtra SSC board, education in the country will not just be much more convenient, but literacy rate will also shoot up in the near future.


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