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NEET And The Fate Of Private And State Medical Colleges

The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) will not play with the fate of the students as much as it will affect the private and the state colleges. Before the directive of the Supreme Court came into effect, the students had to take an examination at the all India level for taking admission into the top notch medical colleges that are run by the Central Government. The students were to take a separate examination for the state run medical colleges. However, the scenario has altered with the implementation of this rule and it is made for to serve better purposes for the students and the convenience of the authorities to conduct the examinations.

Benefits of NEET

While the directive of the Supreme Court is not likely to affect the fate of the students, it will certainly have an impact at the way in which the entire system functioned at the state level. However, the truth is that the students will also benefit with the implementation of this rule despite the fact that they are apparently in a state of confusion after the roll-out of this rule. The following points will illustrate.

  • The misuse of the entire system in which large amount of capitation fees were accepted by the private colleges for granting admission to the aspiring medical candidates will no longer remain in effect.
  • The implementation of this rule will make way for better and transparent checking and it can be expected that the authorities will have better ways to manage a single entrance examination for the candidates living in India.
  • Encouraging participation of meritorious students is another benefit of this system instead of affluent students taking the advantage of the capitation fees.
  • Instead of filling multiple forms for taking each examination separately for central and state run medical colleges, students will experience less pain for the registration and filling of forms that are in place for NEET.
  • Some of the renowned teachers have expressed positive views about this National Eligibility Entrance Test or NEET stating that it will enhance the concentration levels of the students and convenience in studying the state syllabus. Until now, in states like Tamilnadu, no entrance exams were held for taking admission into medical colleges, this examination will act like a sieve for considering those students that have the ability to make it to the top.
  • It is true that in some states the medical colleges are compliant with corruption at the highest level and this step can help in reducing such incompetence to a great extent.


Getting relief from corruption

However, the confusion that still prevails in the minds of the students and the authorities must be dispelled with immediate effect thereby allowing both to get the respite which is the essence of taking a single examination for the aspiring medical candidates. The primary reason for which the private colleges have opposed this step as it will take a toll on their revenue. For students taking the advantage of the money taken by these colleges for granting admission, this directive of the Supreme Court to conduct a single examination can be a scary option. However, the society will benefit a lot eventually when this system is implemented with best effect.


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