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Pursuing A Fascinating Career In Engineering With JEE Advanced Examination

For engineering aspirants in India, the first hurdle that the students must consider is the Joint Entrance Examination which is a common entrance test for the students. In fact, this exam also targets those students that are eager to take admission in the zonal IIT’s the most eminent engineering institution in India. This examination is held in two phases. While the first one is called JEE Mains Examination, the second phase is JEE Advanced. The other technical institutes that are included for admission in this examination are National Institute of Design, Institute of Engineering Science and Technology Shibpur and the Central Funded Technical Institute. However, not all students have access to the advanced examinations that are held before the mains.

Things to know

Which candidates can take JEE Advanced Examination and what is the implication of this test? Out of the students that take this examination every year, around 1.5 lakh students can take the advanced tests. Take a quick look at the following points.

  • Not taking the JEE Advanced Examination does not mean that you have reached the end of the road while pursuing a successful career in engineering. You can still get into some of the top engineering colleges.
  • The JEE Advanced Examination is meant for those students that are keen to take admission to the IIT’s and the Indian School of Mines Dhanbad.
  • Those candidates that fail to get the requisite marks in Advanced JEE are not considered for admission to the IIT’s and have to consider the option of other engineering colleges.
  • The Advanced Examination comprises of two papers. While the first paper includes Engineering, the second paper is that of Architecture or Planning. There is negative marking in this paper and every question is equal to four marks and each wrong answer implies that a candidate has lost four marks.
  • The subjects of the first paper include Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and the second part is related to drawing and architecture.
  • The students can view the JEE advanced results by checking into the website with their roll number and date of birth to get an idea about their rank and placement. Those students that secure the highest rank in this examination get admission to the top IIT. Therefore, the rank obtained in this test can affect the placement of the students as far as choosing the technical institute is concerned.

Do not forget

Satisfying the eligibility criteria is necessary for taking JEE Advanced Examination. The results of Class XII are used for determining whether a candidate is eligible to take JEE Mains which is taken at first followed by JEE Advanced for picking the right candidates. Securing 75% makes a student eligible for the Mains and the candidates must ensure that they fulfill the eligibility criteria for admission to take the test. For a golden and bright career in the field of engineering, getting on with the preparation and taking the exam with conviction can take the students through the path of success. With high cut off scores and stiff competition in this field, taking JEE Advanced is the gateway to success but only when the students are fully prepared to take the challenge.

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