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5 Tips for Answering Multiple Choice Questions Easily

Since most of the entrance exam patterns give you Multiple Choice Questions, you need some tips for answering Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). While some of the questions are real easy, some of them are designed to confuse you, with similar options. Writing essay questions are easier when you know the answer, but MCQs are the challenging part. Given below are some ways you can ace your MCQ exam. These simple tips will make your life much easier in a lot of ways.

1. Scan the entire question paper first

As soon as your test begins, do not jump into solving the first question. Do a quick scan of the entire question paper first. While scanning the questions, you can go ahead and tick the answers of questions that are really easy for you and you are extremely confident about their answers. This scan also primes you brain with a general idea of the whole question paper and it sub-consciously starts working on the difficult questions in the background. Thus, your brain will get more time to help you solve those difficult questions later.

2. Re-visit a difficult question later

If you are finding one particular question difficult and having a tough time solving it, then do not waste too much time on it initially. Feel free to jump to an easy question mid-way and re-visit the tough question. This is not only a time management technique, but also lets the sub-conscious zone of the brain process the difficult question in the mean time. So, the second time you re-visit the question, chances will be high that you get it right than the first attempt.

3. Re-read the questions twice

Take extra care to read each question twice before attempting to answer them. Sometimes, the MCQ questions are set in a very tricky way so that you may overlook certain words. Re-reading it will avoid making any such errors. For example: Some questions are phrased in a negative way like, “Which of these statements were ‘not’ made by the author?” Most students just tend to scan the question in a hurry and ignore the word ‘not’ in the question and end up understanding the question entirely wrong.

4. Try the elimination technique

If you do not remember the correct answer to any MCQ question, then go for the elimination method to single-out the correct answer. This technique is always better than making a blind guess. Read the question carefully first and take all the options into account. Now, start by eliminating the options that you know for sure are wrong. This might lead you to your correct answer at the end of it.
How to use a simple method to remember everything you learn

5. Keep track of time

Last but not the least, it is very important to watch time when you take any MCQ test. Wasting too much time on a few questions might cost you precious time during which you could have got the easy questions right. So, plan your test time distribution well and make the most of your time.
Now that you know these tips for answering Multiple Choice Questions you are now better prepared to ace MCQs even you are presented with a surprise test. Best of Luck.

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