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Make learning for boards fun and easy with this wonderful ICSE Study App!

Studying for your board exams may seem frustrating and exhausting! ICSE has a vast curriculum, but really there is no need to get disheartened. This syllabus can be mastered with practice and patience. If you like action and interactive ways of learning, the Robomate+ app can help make studies a whole lot more fun.

The ICSE Study App can also be your companion that helps keep you stay focused right from Grade 9th all the way till the end of Class 10th. When everything is undergoing the so-called digital transformation, how can education be left behind? In fact, the new generation is the one to lead the future, hence study apps are surely the best way to learn in the current times.

It enhances the learning experience. The quality and output of the learning engagements are far better than traditional coaching.  It is also a smart way to learn!

Here are some of the wonderful features and benefits of after-school app-based learning:


The apps are always available as they are accessible via personal devices like phones or tablets. This means they can be planned at your pace, as and when you want the sessions. Relax and take the courses from home and save precious time commuting. Self-paced, these ensure personalized expertise is available to clear your doubts and guide you. You can ask as many questions, help is always at hand!


The ICSE study app can be taken with you as you travel for a holiday! The app provides flexibility which boosts interest instead of mundane classrooms in coaching centers.

Imagery enhances learning

The concepts are presented via short videos, where the real-time examples and interactive nature of the content makes it very engaging. These are collated as video libraries, so you can refer to them as and when you want, as many number of times that you desire.

Organized study for quick reference

Topic-wise study material can be accessed via tech-based aligning and searching. This can help students save a lot of time looking up relevant concepts and information across multiple authors and text books. Integrated notepad ensures that personal notes can be taken while studying and tagged for easy cross-reference.

Intelligent monitoring

A parent can get access to the child’s progress through diagnostic reports on tests, with detailed analysis of the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Be Exam Ready with Awesome ICSE Sample Papers!

A rich repository of sample papers in all subjects ensures that the child can solve many papers and measure his/her level of preparedness. Practice papers are the backbone of study apps.

These advantages come to the fore with Robomate+ The Study App. It is a rich solution customized to ICSE curriculam. Cost-effective, personalized, up-to-date, and technologically-sound, the app ensures that each student is the central pivot when it comes to planning and preparing for the boards. Make it your best study-buddy!


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